WOLK Not Importing Correct Talents for DK

So when i go to import myself it load up this talent spec https://i.imgur.com/vosKrMU.png, when i am running 17/54/0

We import your talents the first time you create a setup, but after that we don’t overwrite them. You can have multiple setups for a spec, and often each setup will be optimized around a different talent build. It would be annoying if we blew away your talents on your setups every time you imported. Go ahead and modify your talents to be what you want to optimize around and it will be saved with that setup.

That said we are working on a bunch of new talent features for Dragonflight which has a system a bit more like classic WoW’s talent trees, so once we get all that working we plan to bring over a couple of convenience features to WotLK as well.