Wondering something

Hi !

So. I’m currently progressing Denathrius Mythic. Looking at the few log for Mistweaver (like <83 monk). Compare to my gameplay not all monk play the same. I wanted to compare each one, one more with Chi-ji the other more with Refreshing Jade Wind and the last more with Essence Font.

I could do some modification to the rotation and find something close to the spells breakdown BUT i’m lazy so i had this group of idea:

  1. Could it be possible to have some kind of gear suggestion for a specific rotation/dmg pattern ?

Let me give you more infos. I’m not speaking about gearing strategies here more like : a test combinaison where the input are:

  • some of my gear in bag
  • a custom spell breakdown
  • a boss script extracted from wowlogs (see idea 2.)
    and the result can be use in the BiB (as custom setup ?)

Like the could generated few point in the HPS graph (or dps) and if the combinaison isn’t done on the user’s end, just skip and use the default one?

  1. Also could we extract logs to get the dmg pattern for a boss ? or part of a boss (a try) ?

And so generate the boss script based on the log extracted ? Could allow to synergies with the first idea and so create a custom result (Specific boss/specific spell breakdown)

This is probably lot of work for few user actually using it. But i do like the idea of extracting a gameplay of someone similar to my gameplay (or different gameplay) or be able to optimize depending on the current boss i’m working on and litterally optimize my gear based on that.

Extracting boss dmg pattern from logs seems to me like the important part; like “more bosses” but i know you have probably already lots on your plate to do so just sharing idea ! =D

Good luck and have fun ! =D