World Quest Gear? "All" search for upgrades & the sort by dungeon option brought back?

Will we see a return to world quest gear being brought back to the site when looking in the upgrade finder? With the option also being able to select every method avaliable when looking at the upgrade finder like we did in legion?

Also wondering whether we will get the ability to sort by dungeon when looking for upgrades so that it shows neatly how many upgrades are in what dungeon instead of having to look through and memorise. Miss them features.

Good work though on the new site layout, love everything else about it! :slight_smile:

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We probably won’t bring back the “all” search… it ended up being too slow, so we’re trying out more focused searches this time around.

World quest gear, we’ll see… it has always been a bit tough to deal with, since it is hard to determine the item sources and item level variations.

For dungeons, we have two ways to look at dungeon gear right now – one is the dungeon search, and you can type the name of the dungeon in the search box to see just drops from a specific dungeon. The other is the bonus roll search, it groups by dungeon.

We will be gathering more feedback on the upgrade finder though, might add/tweak the searches a bit as people use it more.

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Sweet, thanks for the reply. I can live without the All search feature, i could see that being incredibly hard on server load. I havent checked through bonus roll, thanks for reminding me!

Glad to be apart of the mrrobot community!