Worldvein Resonance - a good for as CD?

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I’m digging around with the simulator for Enhancement shaman yeah a dead spec if we listen to some player.
Probably one of the few DPS i like to play.

Happy new raid !
But may i ask why “Not” during ascendance or Feral Spirit ? More stats = Potentially more dmg before ascend? Pets do not get more dmg with temporary stats procs? Maybe it need to be moved to "right before those CD ?

In short i would need your light =D

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The active is really weak, and it triggers a gcd. That gcd isn’t worth using during big buffs, or even medium buffs like feral spirit.

The amount of DPS you gain by using the active at all is really negligible. The essence is really only good for the minor effect, and then only if a few people have it.

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