Worst In Bags Duplicate Azerite Gear


So I’m somewhat of a gear hoarder; I try and hold onto relevant items and such and try to let the Robot figure out what is best. Something I’ve noticed though is that I have a ton of azerite gear duplicates, yet the Worst in Bags thing isn’t telling me to drop them. Is this because it tries to hold onto at least one copy of each gear in case each of my Druid’s four specs could potentially use them simultaneously if the stars align just right, or is it just a weird flex with the 'bot?

It flags non-azerite duplicates just fine; I’ve scrapped plenty of those over time. Just looking for some clarity here. If what I’m positing is true, is it possible to cap azerite duplicates on a user-defined level? Like at most two Gravethorn Jerkins?

Thanks for all you guys do!

Yeah I don’t think we consider azerite “duplicates” right now because you could use the duplicate with different traits for another spec, in which case it’s not really a duplicate item anymore. I suppose the “conservative” cap would be the number of specs that you have… so 3 for most specs.

Right now we let the other rules handle azerite, the item level and “probably” junk filters.

It’s on the to-do list to add some more options for worst in bags that are more aggressive, we’ll add this to the list of potential things to consider when we do that.