Worst in Bags - not harsh enough!?


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I have guaranteed junk turned off, surely AMR could be a little more picky with what to keep around? This is a LOT of items.

Or is there a setting change I can make to Marie Kondo my bags up.


If anything, the Guaranteed Junk option is the one setting you want to leave on, it will get rid of any duplicates in most of the item slots, as well as any clearly inferior items that have the same type of stats as another item, but has less of all of them. In case you haven’t read their blog post about this feature, Worst in Bags – Ask Mr. Robot, I recommend you give it a look. I also keep the very likely junk option selected as well

I did make a feature request last year about a more aggressive setting for Worst in Bags, and in fact, was thinking last night about bumping that thread to see where they were at with it. The AMR team does have it on their list of future enchancements, but as of Dec 2019, they said they didn’t have an ETA for it, due to the 8.3 patch coming out soon after that. Plus they were pretty busy with implementing the Classic version as well.

Hopefully now that patch 8.3 has been out for a while, they might have a chance to look at this feature again, although I imagine they are also looking ahead to Shadowlands as well.

Thanks for the reply, I was unhappy with the amount of crap it was keeping so thought keeping guaranteed junk on was worse for me.

Arguably - a new expansion is when you need to throw out more stuff :slight_smile:

I suppose I’ll have to take a closer critical look myself and stop hoarding, would be nice if it does get an update though…

Typically, Blizzard makes the stats increase enough so that by the new max level, the greens and blues you have gotten from leveling and doing some normal dungeons would be better than any gear from the previous expansion. In some occasions, if you had the absolute best gear from the previous expansion (e.g. Naxx gear in BC, Sunwell gear in Wotlk, etc), some of those might last you until max level, but you would probably have replaced them with dungeon blues. Maybe a legendary weapon might have lasted till the first raid

AMR also doesn’t usually focus on gearing optimisation during leveling, since you don’t really need to min/max that, because you will typically only spend a few hours at each level at most. Their optimisations usually do weird things if you try and use it for non-max level characters, since they focus their pre-processing work on max-level characters with appropriate gear.

So while you need to throw out a lot of stuff in the next expansion, it isn’t really that hard to figure out what to throw out. I typically just keep the highest ilvl gear (particular the gear with the most stamina) when I’m leveling to a new max level.

However, the expansion probably won’t be out for another 6 months or so, it would still be nice to see this feature improved, so we can free up more bag space.

We’re focusing on shadowlands development already. An improvement to worst in bags for shadowlands is certainly on the table - but it will probably be specific to however loot works in shadowlands. Messing with how worst in bags picks gear is a bit tough. The gear in BfA ended up so complicated… keeping the site working well has been quite the challenge in this xpac :wink:

Yeah still on the radar – it actually gets harder for worst in bags to be aggressive towards the end of an expansion, because people keep collecting higher and higher ilvl gear, so there is less of a gap between your best and worst items.

I think the idea of having a worst in bags mode/version available right around when Shadowlands or the pre-patch for it comes out that is tuned to help you clean out your bags in preparation for leveling up would be cool. Something that can be very aggressive because even if it makes a small mistake, it won’t matter because you’re about to replace all of your gear anyway.

Would it be possible to have an ‘aggressive’ setting that’s basically “Item not used in an item set”? With an exception for special effects/trinkets? Maybe I’m unimaginative (or maybe I underestimate the rate at which Blizz will tweak things), if it’s not in an item set, it’s unlikely I’ll want to use it, and it’s therefore junk to me.

Yeah we can look at other types of filters to add. You could also try an aggressive item level filter (like anything 5 ilvls or less than your best item in that slot) to catch most things. (And it will never try to discard an item currently being used by one of your setups, regardless of item level.)

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Is the information in the BFA Worst in Bags blog post still mostly relevant, in terms of what is considered Guaranteed Junk and Very Likely Junk (apart from BFA specific things like Heart of Azeroth and Azerite items)? Has any of the heuristics changed now that you don’t need to deal with Azerite items at max level, etc?


I have a couple of weapons, Duskwarder Shortbow and Gorewrought Greatstaff, which I have two copies of them. In both cases, one of the weapons is slightly higher ilvl than the other, 155 and 148, and 151 and 148. I think I got these weapons from daily world quests, or from adventures.

Based on what is said in the blog and my understanding of how the system works, the lower ilvl weapons should be classed as Guaranteed Junk, since they has the same stats, but slightly less of each. You do have the caveat with weapons where if you can equip two of the same item at the same time, it will never junk them (at least in the guaranteed junk classification). However, hunters cannot duel wield staves or bows (although I’m sure some hunters wish they could :stuck_out_tongue: ), so I was wondering if there was a bug in the code, or am I misunderstanding how it is supposed to work?

Duskwarder Shortbow isn’t “guaranteed” because it has more haste than the boomstick.

I believe we generally skip weapons at the moment… it is quite complicated for especially dual-wield specs. But for some specs it probably isn’t that though… we could look into adding logic for that.

Yeah, I understand why the ilvl 155 Duskwarder Shortbow is not included into the list, since it could be better than the ilvl 158 Dredhollow Boomstick in certain circumstances where the 2 haste provides more dps than 1 agi, 6 crit. However the ilvl 148 Duskwarder Shortbow is worse in all stats compared to both of these higher ilvl weapons, so I would have expected it to be included in the list to be junked.

Fair enough, I understand how complicated it could be to deal with the dual-wielding specs. If you could add some logic in for classes that cannot duel-wield, that would be very helpful :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it was maybe due to some logic you might have to deal with items slots that can be enchanted, where you were avoiding adding a certain number of the highest ranked pieces, in case the a lower priority setup might have a different enchant that you can put on one of the slightly worse items which would provide a better ranking than the best item in that slot but with a non-optimal enchant for that setup. Is this something that you account for in the Worst in Bags algorithm?

Yeah we do account for that – we are generally extremely conservative with weapons when doing Worst in Bags. It’s on my list to add some settings to make it more aggressive.