WOTLK, chest enchant missing


I’d like to see visible 15 spirit on chest from TBC for WOTLK too.

For SP that benefits 20% spellpower from spirit it should be still relevant. especially if Im there to see mp5 enchant.

We did not include that enchant because it won’t be better than the stats enchant, even with the talent that makes shadow get some spell power from spirit.

You’re not wrong, but especially earlier when 10 stats was expensive, this could and perhaps for some still is a good alternative. Or are you saying 8 stats sims better every time too?

lets take a look at 8 stats on chest.
1 int = something like 0,007% crit right? so times 8 is 0,056% crit or have extra 7 spirit.
7*0,2 = 1,4 sp

While we’re talking really close to none differences, when you show data for 8 stats, might as well show the spirit (cause it sure is more useful than the mp5 thats already there as an option).

Sure we can add it… the difference to other available options is so tiny that it won’t matter, but doesn’t hurt to add it.

Chest enchants in general are really weak in WotLK – it’s an easy thing to ignore to save gold and you won’t even feel it.