WotLK Classic - Holy Pally

When I run my pally (raid healing only), which is mostly BIS through P2, Val’anyr and some P3 BIS (neck) per Wowhead, and I gem per Wowhead (epic intel gems) and enchant per Wowhead BIS, AMR pretty much has me switch everything to MP5 gear, gems, and enchants. Wowhead says stat priority is Int, Haste, MP5, SP, crit. AMR tells me to drop 348 Int, drop 6.47% Haste, to basically pick up 161SP, 91 healing power, and 260 MP5 for a 10.67% improvement in healing. Why are the gear, enchant, and gem recommendations so different?

You need to shorten the fight length you are optimizing for. It is doing that because you will run out of mana. Once you are running out of mana, haste is a bad stat and mp5 becomes much more efficient than other stats for increasing total output.

Think of the fight length setting as: this is how long I am going to continuously heal without stopping.

You can also add in buffs and consumables that give you more mana to adjust what gear gets picked.

Even reducing fight time to 180 secs still AMR wants me to gear towards MP5 and way from normal BIS,.dropping Int by 63, drop haste by 6.47%, to pick up 145 MP5. The assumption of 3min boss fights isn’t a solid choice either. Generally, I don’t run out of mana if I can stay in melee range for regen and smart use of divine plea. The algorithm doesn’t appear to allow that type regen or other casts such as divine illumination or beacon to factor in time-to-oom. It pushes for unnecessary MP5, imo. I’m not sure if it factors in my Meteorite Crystal or DMC-G.

Reduce the time even further - we do model all sources of mana regen, for the most part. In real fights you spend a significant amount of time not casting - you don’t chain-cast spells for 3 minutes.

If you want to see results that are not mana-limited, you can see that - try between 60 and 120 seconds (can’t say for sure because I don’t know your settings).

This is a calculator - not a simulator. You have to tweak the settings sometimes to get the calculation you are looking for.

If you don’t have enough mana to cast spells, we do a 5 second rule calculation assuming you try to regen during downtime, although it is rather conservative. But we assume that there would always be someone to heal, so it’s better to be casting spells. In that case, you get better output by stacking up mp5. In real fights, you might not actually need to heal all the time, so passively regenerating mana causes no opportunity cost for you, but we can’t cover every scenario in the calculator. Adjust it by reducing the fight length to something much shorter than your real fights - think of it as a segment of a fight where you always have someone to heal, starting from full mana.

I’m also seeing the addon obsess over MP5. I don’t see an option for selecting which seal I’m using. I’m wondering if your model is not factoring in seal of wisdom and melee hit mana regen. Thats a chance at up to 6% mana regen per hit scaling off total mana pool. I also had to adjust the time to something ridiculously short to get reasonable recommendations.

We assume seal of wisdom in the calculations. Like I said - think of the fight length setting not as your actual fight’s length. Shortening it will get you to a situation where you are not particularly mana-limited, if that is how you experience the game.

There are a lot of settings you can mess around with. I’m happy to help you tweak the settings as well, if you provide me snapshots of your situation.