WOTLK: Emblems not working

I tried to find BiS items to my char with ‘Valor (or lower)’ Emblem Threshold but AMR shows me lots of items with Emblem of Conquest. I tried it with other options and I got Conquest items always.

We’ll fix up the filtering for emblem of conquest gear in Best in Slot in an update sometime tomorrow.

I see it went live. Thanks!!

As a fury warr, it shows 0 upgrades under conquest emblems, any update on that?

I wasn’t aware of that! I’ll look into it.

I sort of assumed it would be my setup as I couldn’t find any other post about it, is there anything I can do/supply to help?

:smiley: I just checked, and it asked me to refresh, lo and behold, there are suggestions now!

Thank you!