WOTLK Enchant/Gem Disabling



Sorry if im not correctly doing this or if its a know issue. Try searching around but could not find anything doing search and looking.

I am trying to do optimization with no gems/enchants. First I set in the Options for “Gem Quality” and “Enchant Quality” to “None” but I still get gems and enchants showing up. I then used the “Exclude this enchant from optimization” in the list for all available but still having showing up after hitting “Re-Optimize”.

Also a side note weirdly enough have a gem showing up on my belt “Clasp of the Fallen Demi-God” even though I have belt buckle minimum set to 250 ilvl.

Hope these are just issues im just using settings incorrectly and easy fix! Sorry for the trouble.

I’m assuming you are looking at your protection spec. You have an Arms spec that is higher priority that is allowing gems and enchants. Since protection is lower priority, it won’t modify gem/enchant choices on items chosen for your arms spec. You would need to disable gems/enchants on your arms spec as well, or drag and drop your protection spec to a higher position in the list.


omg thank you! I cant believe I missed that! But yeah my “arms” spec is really just unrelenting assault prot so I was using the deep prot spec to get gear figured out for mostly tough and all dps figured out but didnt think to switch it to primary.