WOTLK Expertise no longer truncated

With the release of Phase 3 (Patch 3.4.2) Expertise was changed to continuous rather than the previous truncated amount every 0.25%. AMR does not appear to be treating Expertise in accordance to this change from what I can tell.

In the Patch Notes for 3.4.2 it states: “Fixed a display issue causing the expertise rating calculations to round up or down to the nearest quarter of a percent on the character sheet.” Link: Wrath Classic Patch Notes Version 3.4.2 - Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums

After the patch went live it was tested and found to match what is described above. Proof is available here: [BUG] Expertise rating is still truncated · Issue #556 · JamminL/wotlk-classic-bugs · GitHub

We always did it continuous behind the scenes… I knew they changed it at some point but was unable to determine exactly when. We can update the UI display.

Thanks for the quick response. It was not an obvious change from the patch, but important for these tools.