WotLK Fury Warrior - Still not recommending 2 Two-Handers?


It even shows it as a -38% DPS loss… Why has Fury warrior always been bugged with the 2 handers? Since the launch of Wrath it has never correctly recommended 2 handed weapons for Fury.

In that snapshot, you don’t have titan’s grip - you don’t have a fury talent build at all!

That is confusing the optimizer.

Well that will certainly do it. Just now seeing this as well. I switch specs a lot but not sure why it wouldn’t have imported the Fury talents to match in game.

After a setup is created, it won’t overwrite the talents on future imports. This is because you could have multiple fury setups saved with different talent builds, and it would be super annoying if we blew away the talents on all your saved fury setups each time you imported.

On Retail we added a button to use the last-imported talents for a setup, we could probably add that for WotLK as well to facilitate syncing a setup with the last-seen talents for that spec in-game. It will be a little trickier for WotLK, but shouldn’t be too tough to add.