WOTLK - Gems - Not recognising Enchanted Tears for meta?

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Hi, I’ve been running a sim for my feral and it appears not to be considering the Enchanted tear, which on the image below shows it is better than the jagged green alternative.

Is the tear not being counted as all the colours for meta activation? or am I missing another reason why its not being slotted instead of the green?

Even when I put the tear in and sim it, its asked me to swap to jagged so I don’t think its a threshold thing.

I think there is an issue when the enchanted tear specifically is locked in as a gem, it’s not counting as all 3 colors. When we originally wrote the WotLK code, there was some confusion over whether it would count as just one color or all 3 colors at once (e.g. read the wowhead comments… pretty misleading). We’ll fix that in the next update.

That said… using an enchanted tear to activate your meta gem is a really, really, really tiny difference in score. Usually in the 0.1% range or lower. It’s hard to put into words how little that actually matters in-game.

Given the truly massive number of gear+gem combinations in WotLK, even if it does score slightly better, we can’t guarantee that the optimizer will always pick the tear. We can guarantee that it will pick an option that scores so close that it won’t matter.

Thanks for fixing it in the next update.