[WotLK] Guardian druid Survival of the Fittest talent

Asking here so I won’t feel silly when the answer is obvious ;).

I searched the forums in different places but I don’t think its been discussed before, so here goes.

When I create a new guardian from your templates, it leaves 8 points to be distributed and it does not pick up ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

Instead, it gems and enchants for defense.

From my limited understanding, druids can be crit immune (which I translate into defense capped?) by picking up 3/3 ‘Survival of the Fittest’ talent.

When I saw the 8 free points, I picked up that talent and re-ran the optimizer (BiS) and nothing changed in respect to the defense stats.

Can someone explain to me why that talent isn’t picked up and leaves those 8 points undistributed? We can also pick up Furor with that alongside SotF.


Those auto-generated characters are placeholders. We will have a more legit build for the generic characters ideally before the next reset.

We will also have significant updates to the rankings for most specs – check out this thread for updates:

I will keep it up to date as we post changes – we expect guardian druids to be finished sometime today.

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Love you guys! Thanks :smiley: !