Wrath of the Lich King Classic Updates

Today we released the first version of the Wrath of the Lich King optimizer!

It really needs about another week of polish to be complete, but we figured people would prefer that we release what we have so they can use it while leveling up.

Optimizer Status

The optimizer will return reasonable results for all specs, but we are still working on ranking many of the special effects, in particular most set bonuses, idols, librams, etc., and trinkets with fancier effects still need attention.

In addition, several specs will be updated to better handle different combinations of talents and glyphs. Don’t be surprised if the rankings change a bit over the next week!

We hope to have all of the updates finished within about one week (by Oct 4th).

We will make announcements in this post as we complete each spec.

Status by Class

  • Death Knights: complete
  • Druids: complete
  • Hunters: complete
  • Mages: complete
  • Paladins: complete
  • Priests: complete
  • Rogues: complete
  • Shamans: complete
  • Warlocks: complete
  • Warriors: complete

If a class is marked as “complete”, please let us know if you notice any weird optimizer results. If it is not yet marked as complete, hold off until we complete it, then give it another try. If it still looks wacky after that, let us know and please provide those helpful snapshots created by clicking the “help” link by any of the big section headers on the optimizer page – a snapshot can often turn a 2-3 day back and forth with a user into a 2-hour fix!

Item Data

One of the hardest things with any new expansion is getting the item data and phases set correctly on all the items. If you notice an item that is missing, has the wrong source, or that is tied to the wrong release phase, please let us know! We will fix it as soon as possible.

Upgrade Finder

We have an initial set of Upgrade Finder searches that should get everyone started, but please let us know if there are any others that you think would be particularly useful. We will see what Blizzard does with things like e.g. Heroic+ as future phases are released, and add more searches as needed.


Don’t forget about the customization options! Feel free to tweak things to your liking. We will probably add the ability to have a 3rd (and perhaps a 4th) stat threshold this coming week, but didn’t have time for this initial launch.

The ability to set a custom healer spell breakdown is still fully functional, but downranking isn’t really a thing anymore so we removed the ability to choose a spell rank. Note that healer optimizations are still being updated and the custom spell breakdowns might not work all that well until we finish those changes this week.


Is it possible that you can add pawn export strings to WOTLK classic?


I would also love pawn import strings


We have had a couple requests for this with classic and TBC as well – we can put it on the list of possible features to add.

So that I can understand the use case better, what is the main way that you like to use pawn in conjunction with AMR?


Pawn export string, there was one for live before. after optimizing there use to be a way to get stat weights based on current best gear.


thre any kind of timeline for set bonuses on lock?

I got a loot list to submit before the 3rd seeing if i need to dive into websites or if i can just wait a couple days

I second this.

So that I can understand the use case better, what is the main way that you like to use pawn in conjunction with AMR?

For me, it’s mostly for at a glance upgrades while leveling. I’m using Zygor so it uses stat weights to help you pick quest rewards.

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Ditto! Getting that quick Pawn string to import during leveling has been a favorite feature for years. Really miss it now.

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I use PAWN on the fly to get a quick dirty check and then once I have time to stop and do a full run through AMR it will either confirm or contradict the quick pawn check.

I know AMR is meant for max level, but a lot of us do use it as we are leveling, especially nearing max level when PreBIS items are often quest rewards.

If it’s not too much additional effort it would be wonderful to have the PAWN string output so we can keep our PAWN as close to good data as possible.

Keep up the splendid work!!



Purchased the upgrade to WotlK today and also updated the in-game addon via curseforge. Using the addon as I have always used it, copying info in-game uploading to website (all goes well). Recognises character and shows BiB etc. I’m having problems when I try and paste info back to the addon in game (import), keeping getting lua errors and nothing showing on gear when choosing spec (i.e. frost). Is there something else I need to update that I have forgotten about?

I’m playing DK.

Could you give me a copy of the lua error messages?

One easy way to capture lua error messages is to install the two addons BugGrabber and BugSack. (If there isn’t a WotLK version available of them, the TBC versions should work just fine, they are very simple addons.)

Those addons will give you a minimap button that you can click to show lua errors and copy/paste the error messages here. With that I can try to figure out what’s going on with the import back into the game.

@nemo296 @manorton Thanks for the feedback – yeah that’s pretty much what I assumed people liked pawn for, as a quick way to pick between quest rewards and simple item upgrades on the fly.

I’ll see what i can get working with the classic code. The retail/shadowlands version of the site uses all of the simulation data that we generate, but the classic site doesn’t use the simulator. Instead we have a calculation-based optimizer model (which works really well and we really like for its flexibility), so I’ll need to write some new stuff to generate the data needed to do a proper statistical model for stat weights in classic.

@eternal2u We are trying to get everything for every spec implemented before the next reset this coming Tuesday.


Think this might be it.

2x AskMrRobotClassic\Gear.lua:231: attempt to concatenate field ‘?’ (a nil value)
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\Gear.lua”]:231: in function <AskMrRobotClassic\Gear.lua:176>
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\Gear.lua”]:529: in function RefreshGearDisplay' [string "@AskMrRobotClassic\Gear.lua"]:498: in function ?’
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\ui\Ui.lua”]:148: in function <AskMrRobotClassic\ui\Ui.lua:141>
[string “=[C]”]: ?
[string “@Questie\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0-41.lua”]:72: in function <Questie\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0.lua:70>
[string “@Questie\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0-41.lua”]:306: in function Fire' [string "@AskMrRobotClassic\ui\AmrUiTabGroup.lua"]:139: in function SelectTab’
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\ui\AmrUiTabGroup.lua”]:45: in function <AskMrRobotClassic\ui\AmrUiTabGroup.lua:42>

Thanks – I just got an email with the same error. Is your character a death knight?

Yes. DK level 73 atm

I just published version 9 of the in-game addon. That should resolve the import issue that people are seeing with death knights.

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I keep getting ‘This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it’ each time I try to download WoTLK add on

The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:4b19fb1b-501e-0062-715f-d34ea6000000 Time:2022-09-28T17:26:34.4604435Z

Try it again – there’s no way that I forgot to upload the file and just did it 5 minutes ago. Something must have gone wrong in your browser. Yeah… that must be what happened :wink:


Holy paladin. I am leveling but it should still give reasonal estimates.

Snapshot id: 2fe9d7fb082d4790b06d545f14b7e932

It suggests I wear fishing rod instead of weapon and offhand both with intellect.

It suggest I wear two of same rings even though I don’t have 2.

It suggests I unwear a lot of stuff even though it got at least intellect.

thanks for the reply really glad you got it up much earlier this time!

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