WotLK, "Include Unique Gems", Jewelcrafting

I’m finding that unchecking the “include unique gems” box and selecting “None” in gem quality on BiB optimizer for WotLK Classic continues to optimize around my 3 epic jewelcrafting gems. Is this intentional? I would like to be able to turn off ALL gemming as gear pieces are changing run-by-run at this point. Am I missing an option to accomplish this?


I can take a look… that unique gem checkbox may not be necessary anymore with WotLK, the gems are a lot more standardized than TBC which had a lot of ways to get one-off gems.

None should exclude JC gems, they might be bypassing the filter since they are profession-specific though, I’ll check it out.

Maybe change it to or add “Include Perfect Gems”?

Yeah we could probably do that, might be useful especially in the early days of WotLK here.

The update posted today should resolve the issue with jewelcrafting gems bypassing the “None” option. I also changed the unique gem option to an option to allow perfect gems instead.

I’m sure later it won’t really matter, but 1.2g for non-perfect vs 40g for perfect… I don’t need that +2 that bad right now. lol

Looks good now. Thanks!