WOTLK Mage Frostfire Garb - Fire Mage - set bonus



Fire mage relies heavily on crit, the WOTLK Frostfire set shows as an extra 5% crit, why is Mr Robot saying it is better to lose that 4 set bonus and prioritize the 2 set bonus for BiS Phase 1?

Also it is prioritizing 2% int meta gem instead of crit meta?

Also, the shoulder enchants are still TBC not WOTLK

That frostfire set bonus is crit damage, not crit chance, and it is actually pretty weak. It isn’t calculating out to be a very compelling bonus for the most part. I’m not surprised it isn’t being chosen. Crit damage can be an ok stat when your crit rate gets higher, but until then, it is actually a pretty weak stat.

The crit meta is chosen by BiS when all raid buffs/debuffs and consumables are available, along with all possible gear. It doesn’t quite edge out the int meta when more restrictive options are available. The difference in output between those two meta gems is very, very small. There is no way you’d ever be able to actually notice a difference. You need more crit rate for it to win out.

I don’t understand the question about the shoulder enchants. I see it picking Inscription of High Discipline. We still have TBC enchants in the list because some people wanted to use them, but it picks the WotLK enchants when I look at it.

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Looks like maybe the gem optimization wasn’t going for the crit meta as much as we intended, actually. With an update tonight it’ll try to get it even at lower crit levels, so it will probably pick it now.

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