WotLK - not accepting feral dps gear from addon, keeps thinking its my tank gear

I am dual spec resto and feral, and have created 3 setups in this order: resto, feral, guardian. When I activate feral talents, put on dps gear, and use the Mr. Robot addon to paste on the website, the site automatically chooses the guardian setup. If I then click on the feral it acts like I’m still still wearing my resto gear

Detecting spec is a bit tricky for druids in WotLK. The website is really set up around the idea of a spec… which wasn’t added explicitly in-game until later expansions. So we have to take a guess at your “spec” based on chosen talents, gear, etc. Right now we’re detecting you as Guardian because you have both of the Bear-only talents Natural Reaction and Protector of the Pack.

Part of your issue is that you have the wrong talents specified in your Best in Bags setups for your Feral and Guardian setups – you have resto talents specified. You’re going to get strange optimizations unless you change those to feral and guardian talents, respectively. In our next update we’re adding a button to the talent tree to replace the talents with your last-imported talents, but for now you can just reset the tree and pick them manually. That should resolve the other issue that you describe. The next time you import and we detect you as feral, it will update your equipped gear for feral. (Note that even if the gear we think you had last equipped for feral is incorrect, the optimization result will still be fine.)

The reason that we don’t automatically overwrite the talents on the website when you import your character is that it’s often unclear which setup to overwrite. Also, you may have e.g. two Feral setups with two different talent builds… it would be really annoying if we kept overwriting the talents you had chosen for your two different optimizer setups.