Wotlk - Phase 2 BIS list (adjusted item levels not updated in database)

Hey guys,

Thanks for your work, as always. Been here since the release of classic vanilla, on and off.

When comparing the BIS list for phase 2 for ass rog, with other lists, eg samonizes spreadsheet, they deliver different results with the same buffs/debuffs fight lengths etc.

I figured this might be due to the fact that the listed items in “askmrobot” have not been adjusted to the 232/239/252 item levels.

There also might be a few missing items, I could not find for example “drape of icy intent” in the bis comparison list.


It is my understanding that they have not announced the release date for phase 2 yet – I’m putting off updating as late as possible in case they change things at all from what is on PTR.

I could probably adjust the ilvl of the Ulduar gear… seems like they haven’t changed much about that since they announced it.

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Makes sense to wait until its actually live, fair point. Thanks.

Ps Please check for the missing items though Ds

I already updated the site with the new item levels. A couple ulduar items were flagged as the wrong phase, should be fine now.

Hey Dude, Another thanks from me also!

We now have a release date of 16th for content and 19th for raid, can we get that update so we can organise our BiS list? <3

Doesnt seems u have updated crafted gear

Which crafted gear is being updated?

I selectively updated the Ulduar gear based on PTR data, but I didn’t do a full parse of it because I didn’t have that code fully functional for WotLK (I am moving towards using the same extraction code for retail and WotLK but it isn’t quite finished yet).

All crafter Ulduar gear is still 226 and not 232. Also Emblem of conquest upgrade finders isnt there

We just posted another update where I scanned for all items with changed item levels and updated them. We also added an emblem of conquest search.

Seems like the ranged weapons, e.g. Skyforge Crossbow has the wrong damage per second attributes. When using upgrade finder Skyforge Crossbow shows up as 193 DPS although the in-game and Wowhead value is 223 DPS. The other attributes as well as item level seem to be correct though.

I believe this was actually an issue on the PTR as well so it could possibly stem from there.

I’ll grab the latest build and try updating the stats again.