WoTLK Phase 2 - Dungeon updates

Do we have a time frame for the missing / out of date features for Phase 2?

e.g. we don’t have the new items in HC+ dungeons showing in the upgrade finder.

to add to this, is there a roadmap post i could find this info in for future?

The new items that drop in the dungeons are the raid items. You can use the upgrade finder search for those raids to check which items are an upgrade for you.

If there is anything you see that isn’t implemented yet, let us know.

In particular, I couldn’t find any info about which raid items drop from which heroic+ dungeon… or how that was going to work in general. If you have any more details or can point me to some more details, I can look at it.

Is the current breakdown of where things drop

Yeah so basically – gotta wait for more data to see if there are specific drop tables or if it ends up being shared between multiple, etc.

AtlasLoot has all the data you should need AFAIK. Why does a free add-on have this information available but something we pay for does not?

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I can take a look at that addon – we usually try to rely on data extraction because I never know which addons are reliable or up to date. This information was unfortunately not available via data extraction.

Later version of WoW are a lot nicer in that we have the dungeon journal which can be used to extract important item sources.

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I’m wondering where Atlas Loot, Bis-Tooltips and Loon get their data. I think they obtain it from Wowhead.com. Have you considered using the wowhead.com API in some way to extract the data? I’m not sure if that’s a thing but it might be…

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wowhead does not have an API – at one point they talked about making one but never followed through to my knowledge.

I looked at atlas loot and it seems the drop tables are hard-coded into the addon, assuming the author just maintains it by periodically checking wowhead, etc. Somebody linked a spreadsheet above with some sources, but there are a large number of items unaccounted for still.

We’ll add some of the known sources in an update soon – Dragonfight has a patch on Tuesday as well so we’re spread a little thin this week.

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Any update for WOTLK dungeon drops. Would love to see them now in the upgrade finder

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Looks like most of the sources for the heroic plus items have been found… I can try to add them in sometime this week.

We published an update that adds a Heroic+ option to the Dungeon Upgrade Finder search dropdown.

You can use the textbox at the top of the result list to filter to e.g. a specific dungeon or boss.

Set tokens can drop from the end boss of any dungeon, you can filter to just those by typing “set” into the search box.

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