WOTLK Prot Paladin Avoidance Cap

Hi there,

I want to ask if it is possible to get the option to force a total avoidance of 102,4 on Prot Paladins. While crushing blows don’t exist anymore Protpalas can still hit the avoidance cap. Allowing this would make the usage of the TUF-Slider more intuitive, since you could just force Critimmunity and Avoidancecap to get a high baseline EHP and then adjust the Slider until you have enough HP to feel comfortable.

Thank you!

We can look into adding something for that… it gets a bit tricky with temporary effects though, like some trinket effects. We typically average those out, so if e.g. a trinket gives you 10% dodge with 10% uptime, we would average that out to having 1% dodge.

Some talents like redoubt make it tricky as well… do people want to factor that in at max value when going for the avoidance cap, or ignore it, or use an averaged value?

We’re doing an update later today and I put something in for now… we can tweak it depending on how people want it to work.

I used averaged values for now, e.g. if you have 50% uptime on redoubt it would count as 15% towards the total avoidance cap. We can change that if people want it to work differently… but it seems reasonable to account for it in some way that is not fully including or fully ignoring it.

Also, you will want to enter in “100” if you want to go for the cap, or any value lower if you prefer. We use 100 because we are calculating your “true” chance to dodge/block/parry/be missed. That 102.4 number is because a certain amount of avoidance is ignored by higher level enemies, but we have already accounted for that, so users can enter the more intuitive value of 100%.

Thats cool, thanks a lot.

I’d argue that both redoubt and trinket effects shouldn’t really taken into consideration, since those things are very situational. Only thing that should really go in there is Holy Shield, since that is up all the time. Basically like it was in TBC regarding Crush Immunity regarding to your tutorial page

Yeah, putting in “100” makes sense, avoidancecap is only really important against bosses anyway, trashmobs eat through Holy Shield in a few swings.

Edit: Thinking about it, you could even just make it a binary thing like Critimmunity.