WOTLK - Prot Paladin Weapon speed

Been playing around with prot paladin in AMR, but it constently prio fast weapon. The prot paladin community is hell bent on slow weapons for more agro.

My question, is weaponspeed taking into account when simming with AMR?

“Since (HotR’s) damage is dependent only on your weapon dps, it scales with attack power, and consequently strength. Weapon speed is irrelevant for (HotR’s) direct damage, but the effect of your seal does scale with weapon speed. A slower speed will increase the damage caused by (SoC) , (SoR) or (SoV) , and increase the proc chance of (SoL) , (SoW) , and (SoJ) . However, weapon speed is less important overall for threat than the weapon’s dps.”

Yes, we do account for weapon speed, and we do calculate seals as non-normalized attacks.