Wotlk Resto Sham - AMR gem recommendations


I’m having an issue where AMR keeps telling me to gem for INT everywhere i can, i have it set for aiming for haste but its bypassing all my mana trinkets for a dps one and all my yellow slots with int. I changed my buffs and fight duration to compensate a bit but not sure how to force gems.


No thoughts on this? Or at least how to force it to do haste gems?

Sorry, missed this post.

You have elemental set as a higher priority spec, so you’re going to see some of your items with gems meant for elemental. You’ll need to set restoration as higher priority to avoid seeing the dps gems (the ones with hit)

As for the haste - your threshold is set lower than the haste already on your gear in the solution, so that threshold isn’t going to do anything. Also, for healers, if you don’t want to see intellect in the gems, you need to reduce the fight length such that the calculations are time-limited instead of mana-limited. Think of the fight length as the length of time you want to heal continuously, not how long the whole fight is (since parts of the fight you don’t have to heal as much, or at all).

The stat threshold doesn’t seem to be working in this case for haste when I set it higher… it’s actually a pretty tough setting to use because you are telling the optimizer to go ahead and accept a lower score to get more of a stat. We can take a look to see if we can tweak the code to try for haste gems in this case.

Actually, you can get what you want if you increase the haste threshold by a lot more. In the calculations… we sort of average in various temporary haste effects. Turning off bloodlust in the raid buffs would help you get what you want on the gems. Also, tidal waves makes haste less effective - so you kind of have to jack up your threshold to force gemming for haste.