WotLK - Rogue Expertise


Not sure whether I’m doing something wrong here but I keep getting told to gem for expertise even though I’m at the cap? When selecting a different gem in the drop down menu they are shown as a DPS increase.

Grateful if anyone could shed some light on this :slight_smile:

ID: 82c356f2b2a44f8e998fb8f1440f18c2

Give this a read first, and if you still think it’s doing something unexpected let us know:

I’ve done some math now (not my strongest subject haha) and my gear gives me 137 expertise rating or 16,7 Expertise which is the same as the in-game tooltip says. I should then get another 10 from talents which adds up to 26 which is what it says in-game as well.

I also reimported from the addon and the tool is still asking me to gem for Expertise to reach a rating of 35 according to AMR. Here’s a new snapshot if that’s of any help:


All help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The optimizer is doing the correct thing in this case, but it took me a minute to figure out… I’m not surprised that you had a question!

The issue is that your Assassination spec has a higher priority than your Outlaw spec. Assassination needs some expertise gems to get closer to the cap. For Outlaw, it still scores better to use the same items as your Assassination build, even though it doesn’t need the extra expertise on the gems. Best in Bags will always “lock in” gems/enchants chosen by a higher priority setup.

If you drag Outlaw above Assassination and re-optimize, you’ll see the recommended gems change.

Ahh, I didn’t even know that! Well I’ve learned something new and by changing the order the gemming makes a lot more sense!

Thanks for the help, greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: