WOTLK - Rogue - Spell Hit


I’ve been trying to use the “Best in Bags” feature with using 2 stat thresholds important for assassination rogues.

315 (12%) spell hit
214 (6.5) expertise

The expertise seems to be working fine, (I’m currently over the soft cap with my current gear). But the spell hit seems to be completely ignored for rogues. Each time I use the optimizer, hit is just being removed and replaced with AP.

Is this working as intended or am I missing something?

snapshot id: d4df2d9a36f3443999b27fae74747722

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Thanks for the post. Honestly I didn’t know that poisons had their own independent chance to miss in wotlk. I didn’t play a rogue back then (but I play one now!). But, wow, that’s a stupid design - huge chunk of the damage double-dips on hit rating, since poison only has a chance to be applied on a melee hit.

I’ll update the calculation to give poisons their own chance to miss (calculated with spell hit). We’ll post an update shortly.

One really nice thing about our formula-based approach for wotlk is that we can make this update and post it immediately, giving you new rankings right away. No waiting for us to simulate a bunch of data.

I posted this change.

Note that you should enter 17% as your spell hit threshold. We automatically determine whether you need more or less hit rating depending on talents, buffs, etc. The only thing you need to account for manually would be things that don’t affect all spells, but rogues don’t have anything like that I don’t think.

Also, you should check your buff/debuff settings – it’s pretty rare to be playing with no buffs or consumables. In particular, improved faerie fire would impact your desired amount of spell hit. And once again, if you want to force it, still enter 17%, the optimizer will adjust for the spell hit debuff automatically.

Also note that the optimizer gets you almost to the spell hit cap without requiring a threshold. Being 1-2% short of the cap is generally not a big deal. Forcing the threshold is fine, but will often lower your score and potential output a little bit.