[WotLK] Rogue TBC Items

Is it possible to add Slayer set as a viewable option and Mongoose as an available enchant?
Also, is the calculation done correctly for the 2 pieces Slayer set? The damage boost there is huge (a flat +5% haste), but the website suggests to replace those items with relatively minor upgrades.

To speed things up, we aren’t taking into account tbc set bonuses in the calculations. They will quickly be replaced.

We will add mongoose and potentially some other TBC enchants – on my short list for today/tomorrow.

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This is rather disappointing to exclude tbc bis items from calculation. So I have to manually do those calculation for when (and if) to replace them. It’s approximately 164 haste rating that is missing in gear calculations, which is a big deal, so I cannot rely on the data provided by the website during the entire Phase 1. But I get the point.
I’m not asking for something super challenging, but 164 haste rating that are excluded in all calculations for a gear that will most likely last during the entire phase - this is a dealbreaker. I even care less for T7 set bonuses rather than T6.
Just an example of how it negatively affects me: our guild enforces wishlist to be filled before Oct 07, you can see only your own submissions. But I cannot determine a perfect (or even decent enough) loot strategy to maximize character power boost because the calculations are way off due to lots of stats being missing.

I threw it in real fast on my dev build - I think you are over-estimating the value of that set bonus significantly - it doesn’t show up in any phase 1 BiS list when I put it into the calculation.

I’ll leave it in, so it’ll be in the next site update we do - but it’s not going to be on your wishlist, just FYI.

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