Wotlk shadow sim, T9 vs T8

I’m trying to see how to best equip 2pc T9 (245) against my current gear.
According to AMR simulation on Best in Bag, they would never be better, so I blacklisted pieces from T8 4piece and it worked, although it showed a dps loss.

I got those 2 setups, with 2pc T9 and without and did several simulations outside AMR.
I played around with some configurations of boss types, from gormok, algalon, hodir and patchwerk.
The 2pc T9 was always better on those sims.

Spriest WowSims 2pc T9 (~10315.13 dps)

Spriest WowSims 4pc T8 (~10153.83)

So, the question is, what I might be doing wrong, or what I might learn from this?
I feel like I might be overlooking something simple.

edit: great catch on changing Signet of Soft Lament to Etched Signet of the Kirin Tor for the 2pc T9, I would never think of trying that, as it was better with Signet of Soft Lament in other itemizations.

I’ve looked at this particular case a couple of times now. I tried making some tweaks to the model… nothing I do can make the calculations favor the T9 2pc over T8 4pc for our single-target optimization. The T8 4pc gives so much haste… it’s too good from an item budget perspective. If you use mind blast on cooldown, we’re talking about 5% haste on average… I even tried changing the calcs to play “poorly” and only use mind blast half as much as would be possible and it is still significantly better to use the T8 items.

I don’t know how the wow sims simulator could not be favoring the T8 over the relatively minor stat gain from the T9 items in your case. The 2pc bonus has negligible value in single target, but could be better in multi-dot situations.

I’m not really sure what I would change in my calculations to get the same result… somehow I’d have to make haste a lot less valuable.

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