WOTLK Trap weaving undervalued?

snapshot id: 0889b8ac82214abe92874aead03bf1ed

I’m running a WOTLK Surv hunter right now where Explosive Trap and Shot make up the vast majority of my damage. I think this should favor agi to armor pen, but recently I’ve been noticing the recommendation to switch to armor pen gems. Does the model account for trap weaving?

Right now I am doing the calculations using Black Arrow instead of Explosive Trap because we only do single-target optimization right now. Explosive trap could change your damage profile to have a bit less physical damage, but not a lot compared to using Black Arrow. Against multiple targets, the damage profile would definitely shift more away from physical damage, since the aoe from explosive trap/shot start to make up a lot more of your damage.

We didn’t end up having the time to really extend the wotlk optimizer to AoE like we are doing with retail. I’ll see if I can put in some options to increase the target count that explosive shot hits, and replace black arrow with explosive trap.

This is not about AOE. The single target meta is currently to explosive trap on cooldown for every fight where it’s possible and it’s a very large damage increase.

Recent top parse example: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Maybe a better example - Patchwork is a no mechanics fight for ranged: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

I see people are using it - I’ll try it out in the calculations… I’ll be interested to see what the difference in damage really is… the numbers don’t seem all that compelling, just looking at it.