WOTLK Upgrade Finder Multiple Issues


Upgrade finder not working across multiple toons. The ID above is an example, it shows gear as being an upgrade, when I already have it equipped (Breastplate of the White Knight). It also shows gear as an update (Cloak of the Iron Council) that contains stats, Shield Block, that a DK cannot use (note: disregarding this stat, it is a clear downgrade).

Issues in general, upgrade finder:

  • Shows upgrades for gear with stats the class/spec cannot use.
  • Shows upgrades for gear that is already equipped
  • Shows upgrades for unique equip gear, when conflicting gear is already equipped (i.e. Kirin Tor rings)
  • Gear/drops in dungeons not showing up, as either an upgrade or downgrade.

DKs can’t block, so correct, block on gear does provides no value to them in game or in the optimizer. It doesn’t mean that it is impossible for an item that has block to be better than one of your existing items though due to its other stats and higher item level. In this particular example, I could see Cloak of the Iron Council being better than your Durable Nerubhide Cape by a tiny amount.

As for showing the chest item as an upgrade that you already have… I’ll take a look at that. I believe that the issue has to do with some complications due to the gem/enchant threshold setting and the various locks that you have in place. For example if you disable that option and unlock everything, it shows as already owned. I’ll take a look and see what we can do about that. The issue is that the upgrade finder generally doesn’t restrict itself by some of those settings or else the rankings get very ambiguous, so it does in fact find a better score with the same item as it is free to gem/enchant it however it wants.

For unique constraints, we always give a ranking to items in the upgrade finder even if it would technically violate a constraint… otherwise it would be pretty annoying. You would have to swap gear around and re-run the ranking to get an idea of how good such items would be.

Which particular gear from which dungeons are not showing up? I can take a look if I have specific examples.

The missing upgrades are mostly from Beta dungeons (holiday/event gear is another). I can look at the loot tables outside Ask Mr. Robot and see gear that is a clear upgrade, gut it doesn’t show up in the Finding Upgrades. When I have been successful winning gear that doesn’t show up, I equip it and do a best in bags, which properly shows the new gear as higher. A recent example was on my spriest. I had a Titansteel Guardian (ilevel 200) equipped and a Ice Spire Scepter (ilevel 213) dropped. The Scepter did not show as an upgrade (or downgrade) under in Upgrade Finder with dungeons selected. I won it, equipped it and ran best in bags, and it was a clear upgrade.

Are you talking about some of the Heroic+ and Heroic++ items? Unfortunately those drop sources cannot be extracted for the game, so we had to gather them manually, and not all sources were known when we did the update.

We can take a look and see if we can find sources that were missed – it should only be a very small number of items.