WoW 8.1 Patch Updates

Today was the first of a series of updates for the WoW 8.1 patch coming out on Tuesday, December 11th.

This update has all of the new class changes, gear, and azerite traits. The simulator is fully updated to reflect all of these changes – we are still playing around with a few of the rotations though. We’ll keep you posted on that.

Optimizer rankings for the newly added and changed azerite traits, and any new trinkets are not done yet. We are working on those as I type this, and we will keep you posted. (There were several last-minute tweaks on the PTR, so we had to push back running our data.) It shouldn’t take us more than a couple of days to finish cranking out the data for that though, keep an eye on the announcements.


Jumping on the AMR client to help out with GloNet. :slight_smile: Got notified about this via your mailing list. It was however sent to my old email so you might want to update your list or something? I couldn’t find a way to change my address in the list, so I unsubscribed.

Awesome! I’ll ask Zoopercat about how to change emails on the mailing list.

We got a lot of simulations cranked out today, loading it up with another set of runs tonight. We’ll make another announcement and update soon with progress on the updated gear rankings.

Here’s a link to the form so you can sign up with your other email:

Thanks for your GloNet contributions btw :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick updates and letting us know.

Gear rankings are still chugging away – we’ll have an update tomorrow morning with most specs updated. A couple might have to wait until later in the day tomorrow, we’ll see how fast things run.

Later today we plan to do a small update with some tweaks to e.g. upgrade finder searches for the new method of getting azerite gear from mythic+.

does simulation use correct numbers at the moment,i know web based optimiser is not current but was wondering if i ran my own sims

Yes, the simulator is up to date with the latest data.

They sneaked in a few changes with the live build from the last PTR build, so we implemented those and are re-ranking things as appropriate. Should have the optimizer updated sometime tomorrow.

Thank you for the link, but I’m getting “Your subscription could not be validated. Please try again.” :cry:

EDIT: Never mind, third time was the charm. :smiley:

Am I missing something or does it not have the talent changes up to date yet? My feral stuff is all still 8.0 talents.

Seems to be a caching issue… I’ll do an update later today that should force the cache clear for everybody. You can also clear your browser cache, but that’s a pretty heavy-handed way to do it.

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Ah doi. Stupid me I shoulda tried clearing the cache sooner. Thanks :smiley:

@yellowfive can you give us a list of which specs have been implemented for BiB?

We might be able to finish them all tonight, but definitely by tomorrow

The site has been updated with new gear rankings for all specs.

Please let us know if you notice anything that didn’t get ranked or updated! We will be doing more tests and double-checking over the next few weeks leading up to the new raid.

I was looking at the druid feral azurite traits / gear and they doesnt all appear to be updated yet. It still appears to rank haste as priority vs the new crit/mastery since 8.1. Any idea

We updated everything for 8.1.

I’m not sure what information you are comparing to, but, the suggested stats on the site do work well. Haste is still good - most of the builds prefer crit and haste. There might be some builds that end up wanting extra mastery.