WoW 9.1 Patch Updates

Our second update for 9.1 will be available today before the servers are back up!


Most things have been re-ranked, but we are still tweaking a few things. Blizzard is still tuning a few shard of domination effects, legendaries, and trinkets, so we are keeping an eye on that. We are also still tweaking our optimizer for selecting shards of domination and the associated set bonuses.


We have done a preliminary update to the covenant and talent ranking information, but we’re still working on it. Expect another update to these soon.

New Settings

There are a couple of new settings related to 9.1

  1. On the optimizer and simulator you’ll see an “In Maw/Sanctum” checkbox – this will enable the Shard of Domination set bonuses. Note that the optimizer isn’t ranking these yet, as Blizzard is still tuning them.

  2. For druids, there is a Kindred Affinity Stat setting, for use with the new Kindred Affinity legendary. You tell us who you plan to use it on and thus which stat you’ll get, and we’ll rank it appropriately.

Upgrade Finder

  1. We have added a Korthia Gear search under the “more searches” dropdown for the catch-up gear you’ll be able to get in Korthia.

  2. We have added a Tazavesh search for the new dungeon, which also includes the hard mode version of all loot.


Everything should be available in the simulator now, have at it!



Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Ticket Number: d858aeb2a7564e678e3f998fc911a40b

If you need further assistance, please contact technical support.

We need a link to the simulation you were running to take a look!

Well, yellow might be able to use the ticket number… but it’ll be easier if I can just see the simulation.

This error appears after loading a character and running the Best in Bags feature. (Prot Warrior)
E.g. after clicking “Find Best in Bags”

And can you finally add a prot warrior high haste preset like paladin has, please?
Everything below 30% feels like slide show. Even with “Into the Fray” Talent…

Versa stacking seems quite lackluster too.
Can we have Haste > Crit > Mastery=Versa Preset, pls

The Stats Budget Customization still doesn’t correctly work.

For Example, I set 1000 Haste with Auto gems.
The Optimizer ends up with 10XX with all Haste Gems.
Those Gems could have been replaced with the next best options after reaching 1000 haste.

I’m also getting the index outside bounds error. Seems to happen with Best in Bags on Blood DK spec, but not Frost DK spec. If I do best in bags on Frost, then switch specs, the same error happens immediately.


Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Ticket Number: c6f3c76c5cbd4b88ac084746c59fc208

If you need further assistance, please [contact technical support]

Thanks for posting - we’ll get it fixed up. Can either of you post your snapshot ids? Those are most helpful for debugging.

If you don’t know what a snapshot is, check out this post:

The stat customization isn’t meant for getting to exact values of stats - it is meant for creating a ratio of stats you prefer to play with. If you want a little less haste, you can play around with it to get a little less. Exact values generally aren’t very important because a little more or a little less won’t feel different in-game. You need it to swing by a larger margin to feel it.

We’re going to look at adding more of the preset builds in this raid tier.

Give it another try – I posted an update that should resolve the issue. There was an incompatibility with locked soulbinds from before the update with the new trees after the update.


Thanks, works now.

// 20 chars

Idk… But going above 30% haste for Prot Warrior feels much faster in game than 24% haste for example.
Kinde Strange.
And as I wrote in one of my last posts somewhere here in the forum.
There are certain haste breakpoints for Shield Block Recharge Time.
Would be cool, if the optimizer could find the optimal haste budget on the gear to reach those breakpoints and consider all other source of haste (like trinket buffs, into the fray talent, etc…)

And for the other Stats like Parry/Block/Crit Block.
When Converting the % into Odds:

Every X Hit (Crit) Block/Parry % Difference
10 10,00
9 11,11 1,11
8 12,50 1,39
7 14,29 1,79
6 16,67 2,38
5 20,00 3,33
4 25,00 5,00
3 33,33 8,33
2 50,00 16,67
1 100,00 50,00

We can see going from 25% (every 4 hit) to 33,33% (every 3 hit) already is quite expensive stats wise.
Going from 33,33% to 50% is even more expensive.

Ofc, those stats still have value between those points…

Would be nice if the optimizer could find the optimal balance between parry and crit block %

And Versatility just feels bad.
Damage wise and Damage Reduction wise.

The majority of damage in M+ is physical and either blockable or parrayble.

Lets assume 100 Hits à 5000 damage.
20% Versa (10% Damage Reduction):
100 x 5000 x 0.1 = 50 000 damage prevented.

20% Parry:
100 x 0.2 x 5000 = 100 000 Damage prevented.

Well, that doesn’t include the absorb increase to ignore pain.
But that doesn’t matter because it is nearly impossible to keep ignore pain up all the time anyway because the rage gain is so bad on prot warrior.

And Versa is not going to save the day against magic damage either.
Lets assume some nasty wicked bolts in HOA à 20000 Damage and 70k HP pool.
70000 / 20000 = 3.5 Hits

With 20% Versa (10% Damage Reduce)
70000 / 20000 * 0.9 = 3.8 Hits

And idk why all guides say Indomitable is the go to Talent…
Lets assume 63k (70k with Indomitable) HP Pool…
Indomitable gives 1% for 10 Rage… that’s whopping 700 HP.

Impending Victory:
10 Rage for 30% HP… that’s 18 900 HP. (I think the Heal can crit too)
With the conduit (victory rush heals for 445% of the damage it dealt over 8s) assuming victory rush deals 1k (it can also crit), that’s 4450 HP

So for 10 Rage you get 23350 Heal but lose the increased Health Pool.

And Never Surrender also isn’t that bad… with 7k Base Ignore Pain Absorb.
The 40% increase is always active, I think…
7000 x 0,4 / 4 = 700 HP for 10 Rage

The optimizer already does this, implicitly. If these were important for increasing the “score” - which we measure as the toughness of the character in our simulator, it would get them automatically. The optimizer’s scoring function is based off of an analysis of thousands and thousands of data points that we generate with the simulator. If certain values of stats are more valuable, it will try to get them. The fact that it doesn’t care about these values by default means that we have found them to not have a significant impact on toughness, on average.

I get that some people prefer a different metric/measure of “score” - but this is our system that we use for the default gearing strategies in the optimizer. It is robust and backed by sound logic that will work in-game. That doesn’t make it the exclusive “good” way to gear.

If you want to gear for a very specific situation, that is what the customization settings are for. We can help you tweak them if you want to get very specific values - but honestly if you want VERY specific values, you don’t really need an “optimizer” - you are looking for a calculator and locking in specific pieces. The problem you run into is that for an optimizer to work, it needs a scoring function. If you start constraining it to more and more specific values, it becomes very difficult to determine what actually scores better. You are saying: I care about certain secondary stat values, but I want you to fill in around that, somehow. The customization feature is essentially you saying: ignore the scoring function a little bit, where I care, and use it when I don’t. That creates ambiguity that is very difficult to manage.

All good now, thanks :smile:

for 9.1 can you make a preset that aims for 50% Mastery, 25% Crit/Parry and dump the rest into haste please?

When we make presets, we will usually base them on builds that are either really popular in the community, or that we see performing consistently well in logs of real fights.

It is rare that such builds are based around very specific amounts of particular stats, because it is extremely rare that you see discontinuities in the value of stats in a real game situation.

Even if there is a super popular build like, “everyone says get 20% haste,” we will look at such a build and interpret what people actually mean by that, and see what they’re actually trying to do, because it almost never has anything to do with “exactly 20% haste.” Then we’ll create a preset that captures the spirit of that build.

is the Kindred Affinity Stat calculated even though you don’t wear the legy at all?

Some Legenday’s and some of the 230 crafted gear appears to be missing