WoW 9.2 Patch Updates

Later today we will start a series of website updates to support the WoW 9.2 patch.

The first update will give you a preview of the new gear that will be available:

  • Mythic+ gear levels updated, Tazavesh is now a 2-part dungeon that can be run as M+
  • New items and raid gear available to browse
  • New upgrade finder search for Zereth Mortis catch-up gear

Optimizer Updates

  • Domination shards and domination bonuses are no longer ranked in the optimizer. They will be disabled in most content in 9.2. The optimizer will generally try to leave your shards alone, and not recommend changes or filling empty shard sockets. Note that you will still be able to simulate them in the simulator if you want to mess around with a setup for doing old content.

  • New gear has not been ranked yet. So new trinkets and the tier 28 set bonuses won’t have values yet. The optimizer also won’t rank double legendaries very well yet. You may also see some weirdness if you rank very high item level sets of gear.

Simulator Updates

  • The simulator has been updated with the latest PTR data for 9.2. They will surely have a few tweaks between now and launch, so we’ll continue to do upates as they are released.

Gear rankings coming soon

We will make another post when the new gear rankings are available – we’ll be cranking away all week leading up to the patch. The ability to equip two legendaries and the addition of set bonuses has added a lot more combinations that require simulation, so we are hard at work on that. It will also require optimizer logic changes to ensure that it finds and chooses these combinations reliably, and adjusts for interesting interactions between all the new effects.


I realize its for less than a week but I was hoping you can toggle the optimizer to different patches as well. Appreciate all the work.


Same here. Preview is nice but we’re still playing the current version. I’m trying to pick some PvP gear and the upgrade finder is showing next season.

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Sorry about that – there’s no going back now! The patch is only a couple days away, and we need to do a preview of the new stuff in order to use the global network to calculate all the new strategies. Things are always a little awkward right around these bigger patches, but unfortunately there is no low-effort way around it.

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The site has been fully updated for 9.2!

As usual, we’re sure that Blizzard will tweak a few things leading up to the raid next week, so we’ll keep an eye on that and re-rank things as needed.

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Stat graph is still limited by 233 ilvl (have no lower margin now though)

I can update the bounds on the stat graphs – I always miss that one with new content tiers!

May I suggest swapping dropdown list with simple number with arrows?