WoW Classic Fury Warrior Dual Wield

Hey guys im considering subscribing because I want to find some of the best items for Warrior dps, however I like to play all 3 dps types. 2h arms, 2h fury and dual wield fury. The general best in slot looks great from what im looking for. It tells me every 2h in the game and how it does compared to everything else even all the lower level things. However when I select the option “Exclude 2h weapons” option it still only shows all 2h. I would really like to see all the one hand and how they rank up to each other. If I start going for 1h in Naxx just to try it I could forfeit my opportunity for some of the 2h so I really want to know how every 1h ranks up in the game. Really all I am looking for is the same type of list as the 2h just with 1h if thats possible. I just feel like I might be hitting a wrong option but I thought for sure the only thing I would have to click is the “exclude 2h weapons” option.

If you check the option to exclude 2H, the optimizer will only pick 1-handed weapons. I think there is a small issue where if the starting character has a 2-handed weapon equipped, it will still consider that as an option… but you can get around that by starting with a character who has 1-handers equipped, or excluding the equipped weapon.

(To exclude an item, after optimizing, click on the item you want to exclude, which brings up a ranked list. To the right of each item is a “block” icon, click it and it turns red and fades the item. The close the window by clicking anywhere outside it, and then press Re-Optimize.)

The list itself will always contain all weapons so that you can see how they compare. You can use the textbox above the list to filter it though. As a short-hand, you can type “1h” into the search box to see only one-handed items.

Let me know if that helps, or if there is something else that you are trying to do.