WoW Classic question

This may have been asked before and obviously is a long way off but what are the chances AMR supports it?

Hard to say. Honestly I’m not sure it would be necessary… the gear options in classic were pretty limited.

The Thing is, classic loot comes in really hard, and sometimes we have gear, for example in casters, with mp5, others with SP, others with Int, and want to know which is better and by “how much” for certain situations. I’m one like many others, who would gladly pay for classic AMR, as i quit retails like 10 months ago. I have several 60’s already and various alts… reading and gearing them all correctly is becoming a bit of a hassle. Would just rather pay a subscription, click on a few things and have my recommendation.

Forgot about this old thread! We have a new thread for WoW classic: