WoW Patch 8.3 Updates

Zoopercat made a nice blog post describing the new gear system, give that a read first:
Corrupted Gear Blog Post

Starting today, we will be updating the site with a series of changes for the WoW 8.3 update!

The first update will go live shortly and contains the following:

  • Simulator updated with the latest known data from PTR for 8.3
  • All new gear available in the simulator and optimizer
  • Corrupted gear available for testing in the simulator and optimizer (you can modify an item to be corrupted the same way you can modify an item to be titanforged in an item list)
  • New essences implemented but not ranked

Note that rankings of most new stuff are not complete! New minor essences in particular won’t rank yet – we’re working on that over this week and next. New trinkets won’t have any value assigned to their special effects yet.

We do have some very preliminary rankings for the various corrupted effects. It is a ballpark based on PTR data, that will most certainly need to be tweaked and refined over the coming weeks. We’ll keep everyone posted.

Also note that the optimizer option to cap corruption at a desired level doesn’t fully function yet – it will by patch day though!


Today we posted another update in preparation for the 8.3 patch coming on January 14th.

  • Added source information and upgrade finder searches for gear from the new Horrific Visions activity
  • Improved some other item source information and item level information

Season 4 will not begin until January 21st, 1 week after the patch is released. For that first week, Mythic+ will still rewards Season 3 level gear. We have updated the site early to show Season 4 levels for all gear though, so that people can check out all the new stuff and so that we can start ranking it all on the global network.

For this one week period before Season 4 starts, here are a few tips to ease the transition:

  1. In the upgrade finder, if you are looking for what to spend your titan residuum on before Season 4 starts:
    – For 445 azerite gear, use the titan residuum search, then filter it to “mythic 7”.
    – For 430 azerite gear, use the Regular Dungeons search, set it to Mythic, then filter the results to “azerite”

  2. We have added the “in eternal palace” option back so that you can still optimize around the benthic gear bonuses this week if you wish. We’ll probably remove this option once Season 4 starts, because it won’t be relevant anymore, and we try to keep the UI from getting too cluttered with options.


Site updated with the latest item/spell data that went live today! Of course they sneaked in a few changes!

A few other things included in this update:

  1. Worst in Bags should behave reasonably (albeit conservatively) with corrupted gear. We’ll probably tweak it a bit as people get more corrupted gear to have more aggressive options for getting rid of old corrupted gear, but for now it will at least not tell you to junk something that you should keep.

  2. The corruption cap option is fully functional in both Best in Bags and Best in Slot! Please let us know if you have any difficulties with it, that was a pretty tough feature to implement.

  3. Addon version 81 released, bumps the version and adds support for importing the new allied races.

Now we are working on re-ranking all gear, and getting rankings in there for the new essences and raid loot. We’ll keep everyone posted as we work on that this week.

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We did another update today with a few tweaks and fixes:

  1. Apparently you can get items that are both corrupted and have extra sockets, so we added that as an option on the UI.
  2. Fixed a few issues with the corruption cap optimization that was causing it not to behave well in some cases, particularly cases where a player doesn’t have much gear available.
  3. Updated a few corruption effect rankings, e.g. Surging Vitality (versatility proc on damage taken) now has a value for non-tanks specs as well.

We are still working on re-ranking everything, but a little clarification on what currently is ranked:

  • All corruption effects are ranked pretty well
  • All gear is still ranked pretty well using the existing 8.2 models (there weren’t that many class changes with 8.3 that would significantly impact the value of stats, etc)
  • New trinket effects from e.g. the Ny’alotha raid, and the 7 new minor essences, are not ranked yet, working on it!

Even though the current rankings for most things should work pretty well, we are re-ranking everything regardless. One of the reasons we need to do this is that the current ranking data was not designed to scale up to players in ilvl475+ gear. They only really work up to about ilvl455, so they need to be updated to extend out to the higher item levels people will reach soon. That is what we mean when we say we need to “re-rank” everything with a new tier of content.

We also need to add new data to adjust things if you are using one of the new essences as your major essence – things should rank fine with them as your major right now, but might have a slightly higher margin of error than the old essences. As always, we’ll post announcements when that new data is ready!

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Posted another big update today!

This update has new rankings for all specs – all new gear and essences are ready to go in the optimizer.

We have not updated the guides yet. New talent and major essence ranking information is coming soon, within the next couple days.

We also have a couple features to help you make decisions about corrupted gear in the works – we hope to release those this week as well. More info on that in a later post.

As always, if you have any difficulties with the new rankings, make a post that describes your issue in detail, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Just release version 82 of the addon with auto-logging for Ny’alotha, as well as a couple small bug fixes to the corruption cap optimization. It should do a better job of trying essence combos with your corrupted gear to stay under your desired corruption cap now.

Another update today! We have implemented the nerf to Infinite Stars and fine-tuned several other corruption effect rankings.

New Feature: Corruption Effect Ranking

This is a new Upgrade Finder search to help you visualize the value of these different corruption effects:

(Note that there are a lot of searches now, so less-used ones are in a picker at the bottom of the list.)

And once you search, here is what it looks like:

We show:

  1. The “tier” of the effect (most effects have 3 tiers, it is random which will show up on any corrupted item)
  2. How much corruption that effect would give you (number next to icon)
  3. The name of the effect, and the tooltip for the effect it adds (hover over the icon)

These are ranked as if you added that effect to your current Best in Bags gear (ignoring any corruption caps).

Cool Tip!

See the “Ranking Method” picker at the top? You can change that to “Per 20 Corruption.” What that does is rank how big of an upgrade each thing would be per 20 corruption it gives you. This shows you which effects are the most efficient use of your corruption, and is a nice way to compare the relative power of effects. For example, of course a 75 corruption effect will be stronger than a 15 corruption effect… but is it better point for point? This search will help you determine that.


Another update!

We have updated the ranking data in the talent and major essence sections of the guides with the latest 8.3 stuff.

NOTE: We’re still working on major essence rankings for healer specs only. Talent rankings for healers are finished and updated.

We have also updated the optimizer with the hotfixed corruption effects, and added a new item level setting to the upgrade finder search.

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I think the DPS data needs tweaking too. As was mentioned on Discord selecting some major essences, which have green indicated, turns all of the talents to orange, which is not how it used to work.

All specs looked at with 1% & 2% set, as I like to look at what comes out best and then relax the percentages to see how far behind the talents I prefer to play are.

Assasination-ST works as expected, although the green numbers seem wrong.
Choosing Worldvein Resonance shows a green 2 next to Deeper Stratagem, which I understood to mean there are two combinations of talents which are within 1%, however if you select it there is only one combination of talents which are still green. I’d expect it to show a green 1 next to it like Vigor does.
That’s the behaviour it had before this patch.

Assasination-MT only two essences show up with any green options, if you select Worldvein Resonance none of the talents stay green!

Outlaw-ST selecting Condensed Life-Force turns all the talents orange, nothing turns green until 5.5%, with Worldvein Resonance you need to increase the margin to 7%.
Only Vision of Perfection has green talents at 1% and as above the numbers don’t match the talent combinations.

For Outlaw-MT only one essence is green and selecting it requires selecting 2% to have any green talents. Which makes no sense!

Subtlety-ST only has one green essence but no green talents until you relax Tier 1 to 2%.

Subtlety-MT mostly works although Essence of the Focusing Iris has no green talents but its shade of green isn’t as dark as the other two options.

Balance-ST behaves as expected but the ST talents showing up are not the ones I was expecting, nor are they 8.2.5 results. I’ve not run any simulations (yet), I’m just noting that the result looks odd.
Balance-MT looks fine.

Feral-ST has the same behaviour as some of the rogue specs, only one essence showing any green but when you select it none of the talents stay green. Without selecting anything the green options are the ones I’d expect and what they were pre-patch, only the essence has changed and is a little surprising to me.

Feral-AoE has three essences showing green but only Blood of the Enemy shows any green talents after selecting it. The talents aren’t surprising to me, they shouldn’t surprise any other feral druids either.
Just noting that pre-patch Purification Protocol ranked quite well and is about 3% behind where it was. I don’t know if the old data wasn’t accurate or a change I’m unaware of has negatively impacted it.

I won’t look at other classes as I’m not familiar enough to recognise anything looking odd.

I’ll run some combo-sims to see if anything pops out but I suspect some of this might be because the GloNet runs are done with gear I don’t have yet, so my results may not match up.
Which does bring up a request for a display of which traits were used to get the top results, I think this has been requested by a few people.

It would also be nice if we could choose the traits we have, or prefer playing with, and can see which talents and essences work with them the best. This might need an extra advanced checkbox somewhere to avoid giving, most players, information overload. :wink:

Yeah there was a little issue with some of the filtering/aggregating on the new data for the talent/essence part of the guides. I did an update that should make all the numbers “add up” properly again.

I also finished the healer data, so the essences should all be ranked.

A few of the specs probably need a little tweaking… e.g. I think some of the tank specs ended up running with a script that was a bit too easy, so everything looks about as good as everything else. We’ll run a few alternative sets of data against different difficulty levels and examine it further.



Blizzard hotfixed several of the trinkets from Ny’alotha. We have updated them in the simulator and re-ranked all of them in the optimizer.

Addon version 83

This fixes the issue with searching for a gem/enchant at the auction house by clicking on it in the shopping list.


We fixed a couple of bugs that users reported, one in particular with the corruption cap sometimes not being obeyed when locking items with corruption.

We also tweaked the rankings of some of the corruption effects a bit more based on further log data after all of the re-balancing that blizzard did.

Another update!


Blizzard made a few more hotfixes. We have updated the simulator and optimizer. Of note is a nerf to Echoing Void, a buff to Obsidian Skin, and a buff to Writhing Segment of Drest’agath.


We tweaked a few other rankings based on feedback and to better match what we are seeing in-game. We have also updated a few of the major essence rankings on the guides.

Blizzard made several hotfixes to corruption effects. We have updated rankings and the simulator accordingly.

We may need to do small adjustments once the final numbers are known (going live sometime later today probably), but it should not impact the rankings or simulation results in a measurable way (unless… you know, Blizzard’s patch notes were totally different than what they actually end up doing… which is always possible).


The tooltips for the updated corruption effects will not be updated until we get the final spell data, but we have updated the rankings. e.g. tier 3 echoing void still shows 2.00% of health, but it is being ranked as 1.00% of health now.

I think you might need to run the Assassination data again.
If you look at the Single Target guide most options look viable at the default thresholds, if you narrow it down to 1% it’s showing Ranks 2&3 of Essence of the Focusing Iris as within 1% of best.

This isn’t what anyone familiar with rogues and essences would expect, but I haven’t played this spec for a while and I remember it having “wait times” while pooling energy. I thought perhaps the essence might fit in those pauses but I ran a combo simulation as a sanity check.
Admittedly it’s not with the top gear but I’d be surprised to see the numbers shift enough to make a difference, in the sim I ran it’s about 2.5% behind.

While on the subject of the gear I’ve got vs the gear the guide data is made with is there a way you could expose the data for different azerite traits with the talents which did best?
I assume the data is within the GloNet runs so there should be a way of seeing it, although I suspect the UI might be daunting for many, it might need an Advanced checkbox.
Using the addon data export or the BiB result to view the talents which best fit the available gear would be great.

Just tagging you @yellowfive as I suspect you’ve been under a pile of Classic tweaks and might have missed this.

I could try running it again… though I’m really not that worried about 1% of give one way or the other on those rankings – there are a lot of variables at play that could shift things. As generic advice I think that what it is showing is fine.