Wrath Classic Best in bags Is putting faster weapon in MH slot for rogue

The best in bags optimizer is putting my faster offhand in the mainhand slot and the slower mainhand in the offhand slot.

Can you click the “help” link above the gear table and post the snapshot that it creates?


Yeah, that looks right. You usually want deadly poison on your main hand weapon, and the faster weapon should have deadly poison. You’ll put instant poison on the slower weapon, and instant poison should usually be on the off hand.

Overall that will give you the most damage.

I’ve always done that the opposite from what i have read and in practice. the faster OH builds the stacks faster and typically has lower damage than the MH anyhow, using envenom is just a poison dump and doesn’t have anything to do with MH damage, plus not only does it stack faster, you can force stacks using shiv, which uses the OH wep. For the other finishers you want the weapon with the most damage in the mainhand,. at least that is what i was told and have read.

I put in code to try the poisons in both hands because there were people telling me about a fast main hand build being “a thing” - even though I had always assumed deadly on a faster off hand as being better.

These types of things are hard to determine because there is not much benefit to having the higher dps weapon in your main hand. The only attack you are using that would do slightly more damage with a higher dps weapon in the main hand is mutilate. Envenom, rupture, garrote, poisons - none of them scale with weapon dps. Slower weapon in the main hand with instant poison theoretically results in more instant poison procs because of how ppm works in classic, which is why I had originally hard-coded that result.

I’ll double check the code and make sure it is all working before we do an update later today. Looking at it, there might be a tweak I could make that shifts the calculations a bit towards the more “normal” setup.

okay, i mean i can always just force the normal way