Wrath Feral Druid Not Using Black Magic

If you enable the talent Infected Wounds, it activates the effect from the enchantment Black Magic.

But, for the optimizer, if you add the talent Infected Wounds, Black Magic doesn’t even appear as a potential enchantment for your 2h weapon.

The optimizer is not considering Black Magic whatsoever, or even activating it all when Infected Wounds is used.

We can add that enchant for feral, I think it is being filtered only to casters right now.

Note that according to the sources I can find, Black Magic will work in cat form regardless of whether you have the infected wounds talent… people seem to claim it triggers on shred and mangle. Infected wounds they claim is required to trigger in bear form. I have no idea how accurate that information is… but it’s the best I could find.

Note that black magic doesn’t start to get close to the other enchants in value until the end of WotLK, ICC and later gear. My quick tests still show it slightly behind Berserking… but close enough that a different assumption here or there could push it one way or the other.

Yeah, Black Magic will work regardless of the infected wounds talent, but having that talent increases the proc chance of Black Magic, so it can cause a slight overall dps increase in Black Magic with that talent.

Also, you are right that Black Magic isn’t best until ICC gear, but I thought it should still have been simulated.