Wrath of the Lich King Classic in development

We are working on the WotLK Classic version of the website, and hope to have it available on or near the announced release date of Sept. 26.

We will update this post if anything changes as we are developing the WotLK site, or if we have any interesting updates or questions to ask the community – sometime it can be difficult to dig up all of the old game mechanics.

WotLK will work the same as Classic and TBC Classic: it is a separate optimizer, and there will be a one-time $10 fee to add it on to your subscription. This fee covers the cost of developing it and maintaining it – AMR wasn’t around in WotLK so we can’t just dig up old code. We have to write all new optimization models for it.

Note: We have had a few people contact us because they purchased TBC Classic thinking it would be for the upcoming WotLK Classic. If you purchased the TBC Classic upgrade during the WotLK pre-patch and wanted WotLK instead, you can contact us and we’ll make sure to switch it over to WotLK for you when it is released.

If you haven’t purchased either yet and want WotLK, please wait until we release the WotLK version – saves us a bit of admin work!


more than willing test dummy if you need it. have beta access as well

Every class at 70 as well horde side*

One piece of information that is always very difficult to find for any WoW expansion, is the base stats that each class will have at max level when totally naked with no buffs from talents, skills, gear, etc. In all of my time working on WoW game mechanics, the only way I have found to get this information is to look in-game at the character sheet of a max level character.

If anyone has level 80 characters on beta, or happens to know of a resource that I don’t know about, please let me know if you can get the base strength, agility, intellect, stamina, and spirit for a level 80 WotLK character of each class.

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Hello @yellowfive and thanks for the hardwork.

Is there any chance we will have the opportunity to custom damage strategy ?
In TBC we couldn’t and result in some weird response from the automation tools.


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Btw here are the base stats for a druid tauren 80 on beta
|HEALTH |6971|
|STAMINA |337|
|SPIRIT |172|

I’ve collected this data on wowsims.github.io

When I look in the source code for that simulator, it still has the base stats for TBC… how did you get it to display those base stats?

I have beta access, and I can get you this info for whatever you’d like just using naked template characters. Hit me up if you need the data.

One question: what will happen to the sim once pre-patch launches on Tuesday? Will it continue to use the previous item values for +heal/dmg, or will it automatically convert to the new +spell power?

Does the beta let you make template level 80 characters? If so, getting the base stats would be awesome. Just doing it for a couple characters would be enough to confirm if my sources are accurate, e.g. a warrior, mage, and hunter. I would need to know the race, and then the following character sheet stats (where applicable, e.g. don’t need ranged crit for a mage):

health, mana, strength, agility, intellect, stamina, spirit, melee critical strike, ranged critical strike, spell critical strike, dodge chance.

The TBC version of the website will stay as-is, similar to how the Classic version of the site is “frozen” for people playing classic era. I’m assuming they’ll allow people to stick to just TBC in some way like they did with classic, so we’ll keep the TBC-only version around.

80 Troll Priest, naked, no buffs, no talents:

Is that what you’re after, or did I miss anything?

80 Tauren Warrior, same state as above:

80 Orc Hunter, same state as the other two:

Thanks! Yes, that’s what I needed.

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Here are the alliance side base stats.

Sorry for the deleted posts below. Turns out I could not post them all so I am making this post pointing to the gists.

All of these are taken from the BETA this morning. No armor, no buffs.



Night Elf



TAKE MY MONEY!! :smiley: I’ll even try it in beta.

same here, long time loyal supporter and willing guinea pig!

Feature request: the TBC AMR had the ability to set a couple stat thresholds (crush proof, hit rating, etc). Would like to see this expanded to allow a couple more stats (as a tank, I’m looking to be Defense capped, crush proof, expertised soft capped, and hit rating capped), along with setting a priority list for those goals (try to get at least and maintain defense cap, then works towards the next goal, and so on). The TBC AMR was great, but when telling it to try and be crit proof along with reaching a hit rating of 9, it could reach the hit goal, but not 490 defense. I’d rather it try to ensure I’m defense capped first and try to go after hit as much as possible.


Thanks all for the base stats – that is very helpful!

@luckton We can look into tweaking how the thresholds work a bit to prioritize the higher ones in the list more aggressively. I’ll see how many thresholds we can realistically support before it starts to slow down too much. I think we could push it to at least 3 without too much trouble.


If you guys need help testing or something, hit me up! Dying to have this service available again even during pre-patch with the new talents and item stats.

Any chance the TBC site will be tweaked to accommodate the new talent trees and stat weights now that the Wrath prepatch has dropped?


And why was this not worked on before the prepatch? Not like this is a free product or anything.

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