Wrath of the Lich King Classic in development

Trying! We have the UI working, most of the stat calculations completed, most of the item data loading and categorized. We have glyphs working, still need to get the addon reading them.

This week will be dedicated mostly to further work on the optimization models for each spec. We hope to have something at least working for each spec at launch, though we will likely need to spend another week or so dialing them in. It’s always challenging finding quality information about these old versions of the game.


especially when there is #SomeChanges

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Yeah it’s still a little unclear what the specifics of those changes will be – they mentioned a streamlined currency system for upgrades, so we’ll probably have to wait and see, then update item source information and upgrade finder searches accordingly.

They also mentioned making dungeons a bit more relevant throughout WotLK… we’ll see what kind of loot rewards they end up adding.

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They’re moving to 2 different tokens, depending on where they drop from. But they’ve also announced a big change for the Ulduar phase where they’ll have 10 man raid loot from the previous phase dropping from a new dungeon difficulty (Heroic+).

Could you link me that announcement? Been pretty busy with coding and haven’t had time to keep up with the news.

If that’s how they do it… that would be pretty nice for me – no new items, just new ways to get existing items.

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As far as I can tell, it was an interview not a bluepost: Loot Changes and Heroic Plus Dungeons Coming in Wrath Classic - Wowhead News

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expecting it to be ready on launch still?


It’ll be close… might need a few more days to finish up. But I mean, some of the server queues will be half a day long anyway, so we have some flexibility, right?


Well that sucks


We’ll post something that is largely working tomorrow. I’ll need till the end of the week to implement all the details and work out the bugs.


Thank you guys so much for your hard work! I’m looking forward to your addon release.


But how am I supposed to min-max my sunwell gear for optimal leveling? 70-73 is going to be rocky!!


Thanks for the hard work folks, I look forward to seeing the new optimizer and arguing with randoms about my gem selection for another expansion :slight_smile:


I suggest waiting for all of your cooldowns to be up between each mob you kill. That shouldn’t slow you down too much, right?


Any ETA for the test reales of the Optimizer ?

Hope you will have a release ready sometime soon, really love your optimizer.

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Soon! The version we’ll post today is not going to be 100% complete. Notably, most set bonuses will not be implemented yet, so BiB will be a lot more useful than BiS for the next few days. We will make some notes or alerts somewhere to keep people appraised of the status.

Going to keep pounding away at it and have it all working ASAP.


Those are excellent news! Having BiB is quite desired, even more so than BiS at the moment. Thank you for your work.

WoTHLK? paid for a year sub that don’t work for what I enjoy playing?

Later today we’ll have the WotLK site available. The following post will be used to track updates as we post them over the coming week or so.