Wrath of the Lich King Classic Updates

We’ll take a look… it seems like maybe some of your gear didn’t get imported correctly, they don’t have stats?

Do some of your items have random suffixes? Those are always a pain to import and take a little messing around with new patches and expansions.

It got stats. These are Outlands items. I am not sure if that is outside what this will do. They do have stats and suffixes.

I have an update going out later today that should resolve the issue. We do support reading suffixes on any item that you may have, but looks like the code needs tweaking for WotLK.

Will you be adding TBC enchants to the optimizer?
Also, it’s still not recognizing any of the gear from the pre-patch invasion (i.e Blessed Gloves of Undead Cleansing) - would be cool if it could account for those pieces when figuring things.
Thanks everything you do!

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Which enchants in particular would you like to see the optimizer pick from TBC? We can add in any that are still popular for use in end-game WotLK content.

I see items like Blessed Gloves of Undead Cleansing in our item database – could you provide an addon string that you copy from the game to the website where you have one of these items but it is not getting loaded?

regarding enchants, things like mongoose (supposed to remain a top pick into endgame of wrath) and other weapon enchants, but also many TBC armor enchants as mats will (probably) be easier and cheaper to come by.
As to providing and addon string … while I would love to, I have no idea who I would do that. :frowning:

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When you load your character on our website, you copy a string of data from the in-game addon to the website. Paste it here in a post, and I can try importing your character and see why those particular items are not loading for you.

Just checked and now I’m seeing all those pieces across my various toons. Guess I just needed to be patient while you worked your incredible magic

The TBC And WotLK both advertise “Purchase once, available forever”, but since the TBC game no longer exists on any of it’s own individual servers like the SoM or Vanilla Classic servers do, the “forever” part is not valid and misleading. As from Blizzard’s standpoint, Wrath is an upgrade of TBC, and is in fact is the same game file structure.

You’re end of the purchase contract was to provide access for us who purchased TBC access forever, If you won’t let us access what we paid for forever, then you’re breaking your end of the contract. If you’re not going to give us access to it, as we paid for it, then give us access to Wrath under the same contract.

If you argue that it’s of no use because the official TBC servers don’t exist anymore, your sold product is not officially tied to the existence of any World of Warcraft game, and as a different entity, your consumers are not and should not be beholden to what Blizzard has made available. We paid for a product, in your terms “forever”, you need to make it available “forever” or as long as your business exists.

If Blizzard ever brings back TBC servers in some fashion, you will still have access to the TBC optimizer.

We disabled TBC for now to prevent confusion – the TBC and WotLK optimizers are separate products, exactly how we kept Classic and TBC separate.

We can re-enable the TBC site if people really want it… it just seemed to me with how Blizzard handled WotLK this time around, there would be essentially nobody using the TBC site anymore. Maybe some people on private servers?

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Apologies if this has been asked/answer but is there a WoTLK simulate feature in the works/coming soon?

We just posted an update with Guardian druids, Hunters, Rogues, and Warlocks complete!

There was also an issue with reading talents from the in-game addon. Be sure to update to version 10 and re-import your characters.

@poxx82 We only maintain the simulator for retail WoW. It is a massive amount of work, so it’s only viable to do for one version of the game. That said, we use a different kind of ranking method for classic versions of the game that has been working extremely well. It has a lot more flexibility than the simulation approach. WotLK is probably right on the edge of where it could become too complex to carry forward into another classic expansion… we will see what Blizzard does after WotLK.

i am still technically in tbc - since i am finishing up things i didn’t do before i quit a year ago (wrath sucked me back in). i would greatly appreciate tbc access.

when i search upgrades i get things i will not see for quite some time.

thanks :wink:

Sure we can re-enable it. It might take me a day or two because we’ll want to add some messaging to ensure that people don’t purchase the wrong version of the optimizer.

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id: 473729c47c924cb6a3b75a982fc37f4e

The bow upgrade doesn’t seem right. Its a real low level bow it suggests as an upgrade. Every stat on what I have equipped is better.

We can take a look… I wonder if the difference in attack speed on those bows is causing something to happen in the optimizer.

Weird things happen at very low item levels and optimizing with no raid buffs/consumables. You are so mana-limited doing a 180sec optimization - the fast attacks end up helping you get mana faster in aspect of the viper, which is enough to push that weapon very slightly above the other one.

If you are optimizing for leveling, shorten the fight time to the lowest possible (i think 30 sec).

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We just posted an update with Guardian druids …

The Generic Character “FatCat” still has 8 talent points unspent and does not pick up SotF, nor any points from Restoration like Furor.

It seems when I set the talents, I think I see less defense gems than I saw yesterday.

We haven’t generated new generic characters yet. We’ll do that before the first reset Tuesday.

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We posted another update with some bug fixes, and also complete mages, feral druids, and restoration druids!

I updated the generic characters for any spec that is completed – we are working to get all the others completed ASAP. As it stands, we are still on track to have them done by the next reset.

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