Wrath of the Lich King Classic Updates

I can tweak it some more if people prefer, but EHP is a pretty crude way to measure toughness… it’s not going to find you a relationship between stats that is as specific as you are suggesting.

I generally try and land a balance where tank gearing advice will favor stamina while still picking up good “free” stats from socket bonuses. But if people really want to just go all stamina that’s fine with me too.

Snapshot: 5ec7e2097da54c239d7d745f7e6c9992

I seem to be getting recommended ‘Inscription of Kings’ for my shoulder enchant, but I cannot seem to find any information about what that is or where to get it.

Looks like an item that never made it into the game… really wish blizz would have pruned those from the database with wotlk classic… we’ll remove it.

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@yellowfive Do you have an ETA on the Pawn Strings?


I did a search for emblems in this thread and only came across the new feature to search for emblem upgrades (which is very welcome, thank you).

I dont know if its related but when I do a BiS search, deselect raid and set emblem to heroism, it still comes up with valor gear.

I realize the daily gives 2 valor emblems, but when I select heroism emblems only, I dont think I should be seeing valor items?

Anyway, snapshot is at the top.


Minor nitpick, and I know that the 'bot is designed with end-game in mind, etc. etc.

That said, when using the melee hit rating stat threshold set to 8, on any character lower than 80, the 'bot tries to attain the hit rating required for a level 80, not for any level below that. This results in the character having waaaay more hit rating than needed for a given level pre-80. I’ve worked around this by just adjusting the threshold lower until I get to the actual 8% in-game, so it’s not a big deal. Just a funny/silly quirk :stuck_out_tongue:

Any update on consideration for pawn strings

Will you be adding the lower level dungeons of WOTLK to the upgrade finder?

i have the addon and site doesnt have the import for addon for my char. shows what BiS is but under the list doesnt have a button to import to addon so i know what im looking for without having dual monitors while raid with site up too
is it working for wotlk classic or only retail?

WotLK has all the same features as retail. Best in Bags is what you want, the Send to Addon button.

A couple things, if i may:

There seems to be ‘Feral Attack Power’ listed on some of the weapons as a stat for me. I don’t know if this is skewing rankings or if it can be ignored. I found it on ‘Totemic Purification Rod’ and a few others.

Secondly, I would ask if there could be a Sprit/MP5/Mana Regen stat added to the threshold menu.

You guys are amazing.

Thank You

We can hide feral attack power for non-druids. There is a fixed amount based on the item level of the weapon. It won’t do anything except for feral druids though, so won’t impact your optimizations one way or the other.

We can look into a threshold for mana regen… it is a bit tricky though since it is really a composite of several stats that determines your final mana regeneration.

Something happened within the last few hours where I ran my best in bags sim once and it gave the proper results but when i reran it again 30 mins later (i had closed the tab by accident) it started giving me way too much hit. It’s right now aiming for over 19% hit. I did get a popup saying to refresh the page as the site has been updated, so I’m thinking something broke with the site update. Not really sure.

Sanpshot: 4d4b25e7d3884814a36b14319c7ce0c7

Looks like old data for displaying the UI got cached – it’s showing your hit 3% too high, you actually have 16.62%. I’ll get the cache to update sometime tonight or tomorrow. The optimization is correct and getting you the right amount of hit.

Ok cool, ty. Everything seems to be back to normal today.

Hello, for Restauration Shaman it seems that the stat priority are not the accurate one compare to other sites.
Intel is priviledges vs haste and mp5. It seems something is wrong here.
From other site I get the following stat priorities

  • Spell Power
  • Haste
  • Mp5
  • Critical Strike
  • Intellect
  • Spirit

Please could you investigate and get back to that post.

Many thanks

Post a snapshot of what you see on the site and we can help you out. We have a lot of settings that can be adjusted to get the result you prefer.

As a healer, in general, reduce the fight length if you are not struggling with mana. This will increase the value of spell power and haste, and reduce the value of mana-saving stats.