Wrath Prot Pally MH Weapon


So I’m mostly curious about prot pally and weapon speeds with main hand. This continually shows that a fast 1h is higher score for a dps-focused tank over a slower weapon. Are we sure that faster 1h are better than slower considering Hammer of the Righteous scales off MH weapon damage? General thought is that slow 1h are the way to go but that could be just the meta which isn’t always correct.

I believe the only attack where weapon speed would really matter is the proc of Seal of Vengeance on each hit, which I believe uses un-normalized weapon damage. Hammer of the Righteous is based on your weapon DPS so speed doesn’t matter.

I can double check that it is actually doing that… but I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head that would make much of a difference.

edit: it was doing this correctly… but I did find another bug and posted an update. Give it another shot, should look better now.

Thanks - looks like it’s not putting lower ilvl weapons significantly higher than they were before. It looks like whatever you did fixed that.

I don’t know why but I always thought (and even the sims out there) show that slower weapons are better but I’ll update later if I run into anything else.

Appreciate your time.

I think that the preference for slower weapons is mainly because of the instant attack that triggers with Seal of Vengeance – since many of its triggers come from instant attacks, where you get the same number in a fight regardless of weapon speed. But the damage goes up with a slower weapon because it uses un-normalized weapon damage to calculate the amount for those triggers.

I believe that is the only thing favoring slow weapons for a protection paladin, but it is usually enough to make slow weapons come out on top by a percent or two.

(Honestly I consider this one of those quirks/bugs that Blizzard stubborn refused to fix for many years. Eventually they got a little better and cleaned up some of these arbitrary ability scaling issues.)