Wrong Azerite Gear selection despite correct ranking

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is: I have ranked Vengance over Havoc. But optimizing always shows me to wear e.g. the gore splattered west with havoc traits. When wearing the 460 cephaloide jacket for vengance then the 475 gore splattered west is an upgrade for havoc, but it shows up with vengance traits. And this is not the only item. This is completely messed up and useless.

There is a help link right above the gear table. Click that and then generate a “snapshot id” using the create support post button. Post the id here and we can use that to see exactly what you are seeing.

Snapshot ID:

You have your “azerite threshold” set to 0.5%. That is telling the optimizer that you won’t change the traits on your gear unless it would result in at least a 0.5% increase to your score. In this case, equipping the Pauldrons of the Great Convergence and the higher ilvl Gore-Splattered Vest is an upgrade even if you don’t change the traits. Changing the traits to Vengeance traits does not further increase your score by more than 0.5%, so it leaves them alone.

Disable the threshold or reduce it and it will suggest changing the traits, or, don’t worry about it because you really won’t notice much!

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