Wrong azerite traits & Choosing Azerite 435 > 450 of the SAME piece of azerite gear

I don’t understand if I unlock all my gear everytime I use AMR I have to do a great bit of work with locking gear or locking azerite traits to increase the dps gains over all.
For example I currently unlocked all my gear it dropped not only my dps gains down to +3.5% but also dropped my ilvl from 439 to 435.
It wanted me to take a lesser ilvl azerite gear piece of the SAME exact gear piece (I use for an offspec) over the higher ilvl spec azerite. (i450 Flashpowder Hood > i435 Flashpowder Hood)
and if I lock the 450 Flashpowder Hood it sims outlaw azerite traits in it (same with some other azerite pieces) while I am simming as Subtlety spec.

The other pieces I understand it’s trying to give me higher versatility over other stats but it’s simply frustrating that I have to do all the leg work for a program that’s supposed to do the work for me.

Snapshot: 3af41996ad354987b686ec71008b8652

After I lock the 450 hood

After locking all my gear according to true BiS

NOTE: I had to lock the Azerite traits on both the Flashpowder Hood and Vest of Reverent Adoration because it wanted to give me outlaw

Your first image is enough to see where your problem lies. Take a look at the list of specs to the left of your currently equipped gear: This is the order in which AMR optimizes your gear.

Currently Sublety is your lowest priority spec, which means AMR will optimize for both Assassination and Outlaw first and will not change items used by those specs.

If Subtlety is your main spec you should just drag that to the top of the list and AMR will optimize for that spec first.

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Hmm I feel like that shouldn’t be a thing… But alas it is a thing.

It’s only a thing, because most who do play all spec’s a Class has to offer usually - if push comes to shove - will have a favourite spec., by whatever slim margin it may be… this way AMR can be set to favour one over the others.

Taking the snapshot ID you posted above, I switched Sub. to highest priority & locked the highest iL gear you had per slot & got this…

Given that I know next to jack-all about Sub. Rogue, you’ll be better suited to fine tune as appropriate, but it’ll give you an idea on how things can work.

Hope it helps…

Best in Bags works like that because it is super convenient for it to work like that for most people.

Most people will have a “main” spec that they play, and then other specs that they play less often. Usually they do not want to spend the gold to constantly change azerite powers, gems, and enchants every time they change to their other specs. They want the best set of gear possible without touching anything important to their main spec.

If you do want to change things around every time you change specs, drag that spec to the top of the list and re-optimize with it as the highest priority.

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