Wrong DPS increase with customize stats in best in bags

Hello everyone !

Like everyday, I’m doing a sim for my Arcane Mage, and I was happy today to find a new feature into AMR.

However, when trying with Max Mastery with my arcane mage, I get 181% DPS upgrade ? (Which means I should be wrecking stuff with almost 90K DPS on a 270s fight)

However, when I tried the same gear in the simulator, I only get 30K DPS (Which seems to be logic, because the stats can’t do more than this)

Report’s Link:

So I guess there is an error with the new feature or the approximation when optimizing gear :slight_smile:

I would be happy to help more if possible to fix the issue

Ok ! After further experimentations, it seems that when you target a given score (Mastery, Critical, Versatility, Haste …) the tools tends to look for these stats only

Which means that it will forget about Azerite traits with Procs or Effects (Equipoise for me) and focuses only on traits that gives flat stats

So be careful when using it ! The tool is really cool, but you have to validify yourself what you do :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be really awesome to have a button that sends the build directly in the simulation client ! To verify that the DPS increase is real :slight_smile:

If you post your addon export string, I can take a closer look. Seems like something is getting a bit extreme in this case when it shouldn’t, which is causing a really heavy bias towards the chosen secondary stat. It is a very non-trivial math problem under the hood to make this work, so I probably need to tweak some parameters to handle cases like yours.

Note that once you start customizing, chances are that your result will no longer track with the simulator – it will simulate to a DPS loss compared to our default setup 9 times out of 10. The customization feature is meant as a way for you to tell us to gear differently than simulations would suggest – a way that you think will perform better in-game.

I’m at work right now, but I will link the addon string this evening :slight_smile:

I get the point then, and I think it is a great addition to the tools we already have !
Targeting a score is really nice as the tool figures by itself what gear to put

By the way, is there any way I can contribute to AMR ? I’m a Software and Game programmer, but I am bored by my job :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen that your client tool is made in .Net Core (Which is the language I use the most :wink:)

Ok, here is my character string


Hope it will help :slight_smile:

Thanks – I did an update last night that should make it not as crazy. If I try your string, set it to all mastery, it now says it will be a 25% DPS increase. (Without any customization, Best in Bags estimates an 11% DPS increase from its suggested changes.)

I’m probably going to change the labeling to just “score” once you start customizing things. In this case, that score is a hybrid of estimated DPS gain from changes to azerite, etc., and how much closer you are to your desired stat distribution. Your original gear has quite different stats than your target, so the score goes up significantly.

Thanks for the offer to help! Yeah, we do almost all of our coding in .net core – it is my favorite of all the available programming frameworks out there. At the moment we don’t have anything that we could easily bring someone on to help out with, but I’ll definitely keep your name in mind as we move towards the next expansion, that’s when we usually try to find a little help.

Thank you very much for the fix ! :slight_smile:

I was speaking of programming because this is my job, but I can help for other tasks as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I would be glad to help !