Wrong gem suggestion

It seems like I’m getting the wrong gem suggestion from BiB. I imported my data (included at the bottom) and used the following settings:

  • Gearing Strategy: Single Target
  • Gem Quality: Epic
  • Enchant Quality: All
  • Gem+Enchant Threshold: Disabled
  • Azerite Threshold: Disabled
  • Reorigination Array: +450 Highest Stat

Then BiB comes back with a haste gem in my wrist slot. And, to be fair, I already have a haste gem in that slot. But if I click on that haste gem to change it, it says versatility is +0.12% DPS. This is the sort of behavior I would expect to see if I had enabled the Gem+Enchant Threshold.

And since a picture is worth 1024 words:




I’ll take a look… Best in Bags is making the correct gem suggestion in your case. The score in the ranked list isn’t quite right. It’s actually a bit of a tricky case where you are right on the edge of a balance of stats that the optimizer is trying to reach.

The ranked lists (per-slot lists, upgrade finder, etc.) use a different algorithm to improve speed – it would be really slow to do a full best in bags optimization for every gem/enchant/item in a ranked list. So sometimes the results won’t exactly match what best in bags picks – best in bags is the most definitive and thorough of the optimization algorithms. I’ll see if we can improve the gem list ranking in this particular case.

Short version is that were you to add another socket, the versatility gem would be best. But if you lose a little haste by replacing that haste gem with a vers gem, that would be slightly worse. Right now the gem list is not re-ranked for each gem socket you click on, it is ranked only once for your current gear.

(Side note, this is one of the reasons we usually tell people to use at least a small gem/enchant threshold. The difference between using a haste or vers gem in that socket is really tiny… not really worth worrying about.)