Wrong item level and stats on item

In game I have a ring with iLvl 395 and Stats:
525 Stamina
248 Crit
739 Hast

On the website after the import, that ring is iLvl 401 with the 401 stets

What can I do here?

Confirm this is the same for me, 3e86d82694cf46bfbbbc7ea04d237c32 if you want a snapshot.

It seems to be for multiple world boss items aswell such as Hardened Shale breastplate… db485d3898354ca183b9d9f9301054e4

I’ll take a look… for whatever reason, Blizzard changed those items to be ilvl389, then added a bonus ID to increase them to 395. That was in a hotfix yesterday that our data generation didn’t pick up, so we’ll re-run it today.

Previously they were ilvl395 items, which is why that bonus ID is now increasing them to 401 when loaded.

Not sure why they didn’t just leave them as ilvl395 items…

Same issue with this piece of gear picked up off of world boss
Shackles of the Dreaded Flame shows in AMR as ilvl 401 should be 395


We just posted an update with the hotfixes Blizzard put out after the patch where they modified the ilvl of those items. You will need to re-import your character.