Wrong Spec Messing with best in bag


So I’m a protection paladin level 22 so not enough points into protection for it to auto detect me as protection but when i go to best in bag i make sure i select protection paladin as right spec before i hit best in bag but since its not loaded from addon as protection when i do best in bag its showing im not wearing anything and only shows what i have in bag or currently equipped it doesn’t even consider anything in bank but when i do holy it does consider items inside bank for example it wants me to equip Thief’s Blade over Guillotine Axe. Please Help! Thank you!



here are some screen shots

Regardless of what it thinks you have equipped, the optimizer will always look at every item you own (your bags and bank and whatever is currently on your character). If there is a particular item in your inventory that you think the optimizer is ignoring, let me know and I can look for that specific item.

The issue of updating your gear for Protection is something that is on my list to work on… it’s a little trickier for classic than retail because classic doesn’t have the idea of a “spec” built right into the game. We’ll probably need to add something manual, like a button that says “update with my currently equipped gear” or something.

Yeah sadly its not reading half of the items in my inventory or bank when i click on the weapon to see the options its not even showing my guillotine Axe as a option so its completely looking over that

Is the guillotine axe in your bags or in your bank? The addon should scan your bags every time you export, and your bank every time you open it (need to leave it open for 1-2 seconds for it to fully scan).

it was in my bank and i open and closed it for a couple of mins and it still didnt look for it in bank

its all good im just going to try and mainly think of what is the best upgrade and use askmrrobot whenever i hit 60

Strange… I’ve never seen the addon have trouble finding an item in a person’s bank before. Could you post the string of data that you are copying from the in-game addon to the website? I can see if something is going on with it.