Wrong specs 12324

Why am I being told to equip and upgrade Assassination spec’d gear when i am in Outlaw spec and the gear sheet reads Outlaw but the pieces being recommended are Assassination?

Lightly edited from Yellowfive’s response to a similar question:

'Sounds like you have [Assasination] set as your highest priority spec. So any item that is shared with your other specs, it will “reserve” the azerite traits for [Assasination]. But even with the “wrong” traits, it might still be your best option for e.g. [Outlaw] because it’s your highest item level item.

If you want to reforge your azerite traits when going [Outlaw], set it as your top priority spec by drag-and-drop reordering your best in bags setups on the left.’

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, we’ll need more detail and your addon export string to figure out what’s going on.

My loot is set at Outlaw. Everything is set at Outlaw. This started with just the Helm telling to to use traits for buttons I don’t have! The shoulders and chest were fine. Now it is all three pieces tell me to use traits that I couldn’t possibly use. and it just did it on it’s own.

Like twitchyftw said, you probably have Assassination set as a higher priority spec. Look at the list of specs on the left and make sure Outlaw is on the top. The list has a big yellow “The order matters” underneath it.