Wrong Stat Priority - Affli WL

Hey there,
I have a weird problem that AskMrRobot prefere crit/vers for my items but my Stat Prio is this:
Haste > Mastery > Crit > Vers > Int

Here is my Character-String:
79;EU;Dun Morogh;Jerald;Schwerter der Macht;5;1;120;38;0:0;1;.s1;31;3322323;0.12.1;.s2;32;;;.s3;33;;;.q1;133232s6v120b6314;24843s2b-4768b3386b1b1383;86s11b-4744b3213b18;1091s1b-3246b3218b10b33b1440a272891a-4297a-4616;21s3b-4701b3218b10b33b1441a11394a-6935a-4459;16s15b-4687b3207b7;341s14b-3229b3221b7;6050s12b-4743b1515b3228b18;2072s8b-3301b3284b16b1490b8;523s16b-4813b3299b12;1042s13b-3311b3297b14b1072;790s7b-1068b1486b12;199s9b-12b12;27s10b-12b12;181s5b-4723b3209b627a25386a-15843a-7341a-2218;.ess;12_1;.inv;5512;1436;103612;18382b747b739x132342y654p3p764p722p2p318p0;11250;1413;16364b91b3208b1473;25b-4696b3213b10b1469a275372a-6935a-4459;32b-4692b3223b1469;318b-4697b3218b10b33b1441a9543a897a-10440;924b-4717b3233b10b32b1437a14749a-10290a-4459;7537

This problem exists on Best in Bag and Best in Slot with Eternal Palace Settings.


I’m not sure I understand the issue. I don’t see BiB or BiS particularly favoring crit/vers. Where are you getting that stat priority from?

BiB only suggests one item change. The BiS set has a lot of haste, but is low on mastery, as expected. Mastery falls off in BiS gear for almost every spec in the game now.

Here you see that I should go for example for versatility entchants.

Here you can also see that my stats, if I has all items from your BiS list, are in my opinion not optimal. I will loose 12% Mastery but it is my second best Stat.

The most questionable thing are the versatility enchants.

And in my first post I mean Gear Check and not BiB.

Why so much Crit entchants here? This is my third best stat.

There is no set stat priority. Many different combinations of stats will yield optimal or near-optimal results. We stopped using simple stat priorities and stat weights a long time ago. Our gearing strategies are based off of millions of simulations we have already done. The optimizer finds the best setup that you have the gear for and puts you as close to that as possible. In short: we pick the gear we do because that is what simulates best for you.

Mastery loses a lot of value in BiS situations with the 8.2 patch, so it is not surprising that BiS has lower mastery. It actually becomes the worst stat if you are using certain essences. On a spread cleave fight it would still be one of your best stats, but not single target.

You can use the “customize” tab on BiB to push the optimizer towards a particular stat or trait. We are working on adding more customization options for those who want particular stats.

Okay thank you for the really good deep dive why you are not using stat weights anymore. Then I will trust your simulations and hope that random raiding groups do not blame me to have Crit or versatility enchantments on my gear.

If they judge you on that and not your performance I suspect you’d be better off finding another group anyway!

Currently you’ve got very few gear options, as you get more things will change.
Just keep in mind that Best in Bags is trying to make the most of what you have now not what you will have and that won’t necessarily line up with what a, self proclaimed, expert might list elsewhere. If you have the gear a “BiS” list has BiB will probably give you the same gems and enchants but using those gems and enchants before you get the gear might not be optimal for the journey to that gear.

Yeah, the BiB is a very good feature. I am a person who always want to optimize my character to 100% and that’s why the BiS Feature is so important to me. It’s like a todo list or my goal what I want to farm. Then I will go for that items. Let’s do some mythic inis now.